¿What is Metamask and what is it used for? Beginner's Guide. Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new topic for investors, having only gained massive popularity in 2017.

In addition, since cryptocurrencies are 'virtual money', investors are left with many doubts about how to 'have' this money, how to store it since there is no bank for it, how to transfer this virtual money, among other doubts.

Well, here we are not going to answer all of them, but in the NFT Guide you can find a series of texts with answers to many of your questions about cryptocurrencies.

Here we will introduce you what it is Dappradar, which works as if it were a bank for you to store your cryptocurrencies. In it you can also make and receive payments, in addition to many other applications. So, to make it easier, think of MetaMask as a wallet where you will store your cryptocurrencies and when you need to, just open the wallet, take the money and pay, or when you want to receive a payment, just open the wallet and deposit the money. money.

Simple, that's right, it's simple.

What is Metamask and what is it for? Beginner's Guide

¿What is Metamask and what is it used for? MetaMask is a digital wallet that allows you to store your cryptocurrencies. However, just as a bank only accepts you to deposit a specific currency (for example, you cannot deposit the currency of Brazil in the bank of Spain), the same is true with MetaMask.

In it you can only deposit cryptocurrencies that were built on the Ethereum network or on the BSC network (Binance Smart Chain). Therefore, it is not possible to store Bitcoin in MetaMask. So, before using MetaMask, you must ask yourself if the cryptocurrencies you want to hold or own can be stored in MetaMask, just google it and check it out. For example, AXS by Axie Infinity, SLP also by Axie are cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum. But not the SOL of Solana.

So, first tip: check if the cryptocurrencies you have or want to have are based on ETH or BNB.

MetaMask works as an extension for browsers like Chrome, Opera, Brave Browser, Firefox, or Mozilla and is also an app available for both Android and iOS.

So, second tip: choose which device you want to access on.

Installing and using MetaMask is quite simple. Follow the steps below:

Install the extension
Look for your browser extensions and the app store. Search for MetaMask, follow all the steps from download to activation within the browser. This process takes less than 1 minute.

locate the icon
Locate the Metamask icon and click on it! Read the terms and conditions of use and click "accept". Afterwards, you will be redirected to the login page.

Log In
On the main page, you will create your login by filling in your personal information and then you will receive a private access key. Save that password well and that's it, wallet created and access done.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP: Do not share or lose your private access key. There is no 'forgot password' button, so if you give your password to someone or lose it, you lose access to all of your features.

What is the Metamask and what is it for? Is the MetaMask wallet secure?

MetaMask is without a doubt a reliable wallet. Developed by a serious team of professionals, it has gained prominence in the crypto world, establishing itself as one of the most important wallets in the ecosystem.

However, in MetaMask you are solely responsible for the movement of resources and the wallet. So if you click on a malicious link and lose all your money, it is your own fault. It does not have a complaint center or a 'call center'. So please be responsible and only click on links or buy coins that you are sure are not scams.

Now with MetaMask you have total control of your resources, without depending on any bank telling you what you can or cannot do with your money. Enjoy this revolution and experience financial freedom 🙂