My Cafe is a well-known game for mobile devices, which mainly consists of making coffee for the local customers. Next we will show you the best my Cafe recipes and how to unlock the special ones.

How to get special recipes?

The My Cafe video game consists of running a cafeteria, taking care of both customer orders and the inventory of products we have, in order to satisfy consumer requests. It is also important to maintain a positive relationship with customers at all times.

Recipes play a key role in My Cafe. Using the right recipes to generate quality products is a strategy that will allow us to advance level easily. My Cafe even offers special recipes that we can unlock.

The game provides a wide variety of recipes, giving us a variety of options when playing the game. Therefore, it is useful to know which recipes we can use, which ones are the most effective, and which ones will help us gradually progress and level up.

All the Special recipes are an effective method to improve the status of your cafeteria, increase profits and attract more customers.s. They are, therefore, an essential tool to level up and generate more income. There is no specific method to acquire or unlock them, but there are several factors that can make it easier to obtain these special recipes in My Cafe.

Special Ingredients: These recipes are made with exclusive ingredients or spices, which are more expensive than conventional ones. Having access to these ingredients and using them in our products will allow us to increase the selling price, thus generating greater profits. In many cases, you can innovate by adding a special ingredient to an existing recipe.

Consult customers: Your cafe customers also play an important role in these special recipes. When interacting with your customers, you can ask them if they want something specific. This not only strengthens the bond with your customers, but also allows you to get the ingredients you really need.

By phone: At level 6 of the game, you will have the option to request them over the phone. This is another way to attract customers, since you can offer exclusive products that are not found elsewhere. This way you can attract those customers willing to pay more for one of these unique products.

Special recipes at My Cafe

My Cafe always has a variety of products ready to serve. From the Coffee and tea to a range of delicious desserts such as cakes, pastries and ice creams. All items on the menu have the ability to be made into special options through the use of different ingredients or spices. In this way, we can generate a new and improved version of the product, which justifies a higher price.

The diversity of specialty recipes presented to us in My Cafe offers endless opportunities to elevate a basic product like an American coffee to the category of an exclusive product, more expensive, capable of attracting new customers to our cafeteria. Therefore, we will always have alternatives to enrich our product offer and level up in this way.

The options are numerous, so we will reveal the special recipes in My Cafe that we can apply to each product. In this way, they will be able to have a more complete perspective of these products and the recipes that they can use in the game.

Special recipes with tea

Aphrodite tea with nutmeg, rose and cinnamonTea + Cinnamon + Rose Petals + Nutmeg
Bubble teaTea + Milk + Ice + Ark Syrup + Tapioca
Balance TeaTea + grenadine syrup + anise + ginseng + galangal
Galangal TeaTea + Galangal
Ginseng TeaTea + Ginseng
Guarana iced tea with mint and lemonTea + Ice + Lemon + Mint + Guarana
Medicinal tea with Ark syrup, ginseng and galangalTea + Ark Syrup + Ginseng + Galangal
Tapioca Tea with Milk, Vanilla and CardamomTea + Milk + Vanilla Syrup + Cardamom + Tapioca
Spicy tea with nutmeg and cardamomTea + Lemon + Grape Juice + Nutmeg + Cardamom
Galangal Tea, Ginseng, Milk and HoneyTea + Milk + Honey + Ginseng + Galangal
Anise, cinnamon and lemon teaTea + Cinnamon + Lemon + Anise
Cardamom, Milk and Lemon TeaTea + Milk + Lemon + Cardamom
Tea with Galangal, lemon and mintTea + Lemon + Mint + Galangal
Ginseng, Guarana, Lemon and Mint TeaTea + Lemon + Mint + Ginseng + Guarana
Tea with Galangal, Milk and CaramelTea + Milk + Caramel Syrup + Galangal
Guarana, Cinnamon and Lemon TeaTea + Cinnamon + Lemon + Guarana
Saffron, Galangal and Anise TeaTea + Lemon + Honey + Ginseng + Saffron
Saffron, Ginseng, Lemon and Honey TeaTea + Lemon + Honey + Ginseng + Saffron
Saffron, Milk and Honey TeaTea + Milk + Honey
Tapioca Pearl Tea, Milk and IceTea + Ice + Milk + Tapioca
Tibetan tea with anise and cinnamonTea + Cinnamon + Anise
Turkish tea with star aniseTea + Cinnamon + Lemon + Caramel Syrup + Star Anise

Special recipes Espresso Coffee

Coffee smoothie with guarana and vanillaShake + Espresso + Vanilla Syrup + Guarana
Cardamom Fairy Kiss TiramisuTiramisu + Espresso + chocolate syrup + Berries + cardamom
Espresso with star anise and cinnamonEspresso + Cinnamon + Star Anise
Rose expressExpress + rose petals
Coffee with CardamomEspresso + Milk + Cinnamon + Chocolate shavings + Cardamom
my cafe recipes

Special recipes American Coffee

Americano with lemon and aniseAmericano + Lemon + Anise
American with Honey, Ginseng and ChocolateAmerican + grated chocolate + Honey + Ginseng
Americano with Nutmeg and CreamAmerican + Nutmeg + Cream
Americano with Saffron and CardamomAmerican + Cardamom + Saffron
Bahrain Coffee with Rose, Cardamom and SaffronAmericano + Rose petals + Cardamom + Saffron
American GalangalAmerican + Galangal
American GinsengAmerican + Ginseng
Vietnamese-style tapioca iced coffeeAmericano + Milk + Ice + Cream + Tapioca

Cappuccino special recipes

Cappuccino with Nutmeg, Ice and ChocolateCapuccino + Ice + grated chocolate + Nutmeg
Maxi Cappuccino with GinsengCappuccino + Ginseng

Special recipes Coffee with milk

Chocolate milk coffee with cardamom and vanillaCoffee with milk + Grated chocolate + Vanilla syrup + Cardamom
Coffee with milk with star anise, cinnamon and marshmallowsCoffee with milk + Cinnamon + Marshmallow + Star anise
Coffee with milk with Nutmeg, Honey and CinnamonCoffee with milk + Cinnamon + Honey + Nutmeg
Tropical latte with saffronCoffee with milk + vanilla syrup + coconut flakes

Special recipes hot chocolate

Hot chocolate with ginseng and lemonHot Chocolate + Lemon + Ginseng
Tapioca hot chocolateHot chocolate + Milk + Forest fruits + Tapioca
Hot chocolate with GuaranaHot chocolate + Lemon + Guarana

Special recipes for milkshakes, ice creams, yogurts and soft drinks

Recipe Ingredients
Berry ice cream with guaranaStrawberry ice cream + lemon + grape juice + Forest fruits + guarana
Saffron chocolate ice creamChocolate + Saffron Ice Cream
Energy of Nature Ice Cream with GuaranaVanilla Ice Cream + Ice + Strawberry Ice Cream +
Vanilla ice cream with anise and lemonVanilla Ice Cream + Lemon + Anise
Vanilla and star anise ice creamVanilla ice cream + vanilla syrup + star anise
Vanilla ice cream with rose petals and creamVanilla Ice Cream + Cream + Rose Petals
Chocolate smoothie with ginseng, ice and yogurtSmoothie + Ice + Chocolate Ice Cream + Frozen Yogurt + Ginseng
Coffee smoothie with guarana and vanillaShake + Espresso + Vanilla syrup + Guarana
Hazelnut and Strawberry Smoothie with TapiocaSmoothie + Strawberry ice cream + Vanilla syrup + Hazelnuts + Tapioca
Honey Smoothie with Cardamom and CoconutMilk shake + Honey + Coconut flakes + Cardamom
Honey smoothie with star anise, nutmeg and cardamomSmoothie + Honey + Star Anise + Nutmeg + Cardamom
Honey smoothie with star anise, nutmeg and cinnamonSmoothie + Cinnamon + Honey + Nutmeg + Star anise
Honey Smoothie with Tapioca, Cardamom and RoseSmoothie + Honey + Rose Petals + Cardamom + Tapioca
Smoothie with Honey, Saffron and CardamomMilkshake + Honey + Frozen Yogurt + Cardamom + Saffron
Mint smoothie with anise, lemon and creamSmoothie + Cream + Lemon + Mint + Anise
Strawberry smoothie with rose, nutmeg and iceSmoothie + Ice + Strawberry Ice Cream + Rose Petals + Nutmeg
Shrikhand with ark syrup, cardamom and saffronFrozen Yogurt + Milk + Ark Syrup + Cardamom + Saffron
Vitamin yogurt with guaranaFrozen yogurt + lemon + mint + grenadine syrup + guarana
Yogurt with star anise, honey and vanilla syrupFrozen yogurt + vanilla syrup + honey + star anise
Soda with Ginseng, ice and grape juiceSoda + Ice + Grape Juice + Ginseng
Soda Energy Boost with Espresso, Lemon and GuaranaSoda + Espresso + Lemon + Guarana
Coconut, Tapioca and Cream SodaSoda + Cream + Coconut Flakes + Tapioca
Lemon, vanilla, nutmeg and cardamom sodaSoda with Lemon + Vanilla Syrup + Nutmeg + Cardamom
Shrikhand with ark syrup, cardamom and saffronFrozen Yogurt + Milk + Ark Syrup + Cardamom + Saffron