Relax, you can be sure that you are not the only person in the world who has panicked after forgetting your email password.

For this reason, today We will explain in detail how to recover your Gmail password. Several different options for you to choose the one you like best! So if you were having a hard time because you lost or forgot your personal email password, then you have come to the right place. Try and draw your own conclusions.

Is it possible to recover a forgotten, lost or stolen Gmail password?

You are right. Thanks to the wonders of technology and the powerful company Google, anyone can recover a password forgotten, lost or stolen from Gmail. As you must be imagining, this annoying situation has a solution, although no one can deny that it is a real nuisance.

In these cases, the best thing you can do is be well informed to know exactly what steps to follow and the method that suits you best. Once you have that clear, recovering your password will be a piece of cake as long as you are the owner.

How to recover the password of your Gmail account step by step

Have you lost the email password? Well, for your luck, there are several ways to recover your Gmail password in this 2022. Just choose the alternative that you like best and in a matter of minutes you will be able to use your email as usual. When you go to log in, press Forgot your password. The option will probably come out on its own if you typed the password incorrectly several times.

eye! Keep in mind that depending on how you created your account, these methods will appear or not. Be that as it may, there will always be one that allows you recover your Gmail password without problems.

Recover your password by typing the last one you remember

If you do not remember the password for some reason, but you have clear one that you have used before, then you can solve it. Gmail asks you in the password recovery form if you remember one that you have used in your account.

Just make sure you're clear on any old passwords before trying this method, because if you put random words in it will make it hard for Google to tell it's really your account. Be that as it may, you know that you can easily fix when you remember any of those old keys you used to use.

Recover with your Android device

Google account recovery screenshot

Do you have an Android phone configured to your Gmail account? Then use it to show that it's you. This is the first or second method that appears to recover your password. After pressing Yes, a window will appear on your mobile asking if you are the one trying to log in.

Pick up your mobile and answer yes. This will confirm your identity on the computer and you will be able to choose a new password. Of course, in some cases Gmail will require you to indicate your phone number to verify that it is you.  

Recover it with the alternative email that you put

Google account recovery screenshot

In the event that you do not have a registered phone, you can choose to recover your account through the alternative email. In case you don't remember, we are talking about that email address that you put in when you created Gmail. If you have access to this alternate email, press Send to have Gmail send you the code and you can verify that it is you.

As in the previous methods, Gmail will send you a code with which you can prove that it is you, to the alternative email address that you had entered when you created the account. With the code in your possession, you will only have to write it in the form to change your password.

Answer the security question to recover the password

One of the last options is to answer the security question. Do you remember that when you created your Gmail account you chose a security question and its answer? Well, if you remember it then you can solve. Write it down, click next and add additional information to continue.

However, the security question is not 100% good for Google to confirm that it is you because someone who knows you well enough could guess it. When you click next, Google will ask you put the date you created your account (month and year) which is quite difficult but not impossible.

You have realized? There are several avenues you can take to recover your Gmail password in case you lost it. However, they are all different and sometimes some may not have what it takes to help you. In the same way, try to try each of the alternatives and you will surely achieve the objective.

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And you, which of all the methods will you choose to try to recover your Gmail password?

By Hector Romero

Journalist in the technology sector for more than 8 years, with extensive experience writing in some of the reference blogs on Internet browsing, apps and computers. I am always informed of the latest news regarding technological advances thanks to my documentary work.