TikTok is one of the social networks created in recent years, and since then it has become one of the best.

You only have to enter your data, and you have an account, however, in case you do not remember your password, we will teach you How to recover a TikTok account?

How to recover my TikTok account easily if I forget my name?

Currently, there are many applications that allow you to link accounts from other social networks, and in this way, you log in much faster, because you only have to enter the data of the first account and that's it.

However, for many it is not an option to link several accounts, because all your information is at risk, and for this reason they decide to create a new one separately, that is not associated with any other.

If you use an iPhone device, the best thing to do so that there is no danger using this platform is selecting the option »Continue with Apple». In this way, Apple is using an email randomly, to later be redirected to your Apple email account.


Taking into account the above, if you do not remember your username, you have several options to access the account, and they are the following:

  • Continue with Google.
  • Continue with Facebook.
  • Continue with Twitter.
  • Continue Apple.
  • Continue with Instagram.

In the event that none of these options work, you can also use your phone number, you only do this if you have placed it when registering.

You can also search your email, typing »TikTok» and you will surely find a message from this platform with your username.

What to do if I have forgotten my TikTok password?

There is also a very simple way for you to recover your TikTok password, and the best thing is that you only need to have your mobile, or enter from the Web page. It is important that, to recover it, you remember at least your username and follow all these steps:

  • The first step is to open the application.
  • Then you must click on the option "log in", which is located at the bottom of the application.
  • A new window appears, and there you must click on »Forgot your password?»
  • Two options should appear on the screen, the first is »Reset password with phone number», and the second with "email".
  • The next thing you should do is enter your phone number, in case you have registered with one. Or also, you can use the associated email.
  • Finally, you must go to your email account, or to the text message box on your phone, and press the link that has been sent to you to reset the password.

Keep in mind that this process allows you to create a new password, but you cannot know the old one.

How to recover a suspended account on TikTok?

If you do not want your account to be suspended, it is important that you comply with all the terms established in the application, however, there are many people who are not aware of the reasons why their account can be suspended, and for this, below , we leave you some:

  • Not having the minimum age to use TikTok: In case you do not have the recommended age to use the social network, which is 13 years old, there is a big problem, and that is that, if you are still using TikTok, sooner or later the managers of the platform will notice and They will suspend the account.
  • Post inappropriate content: Despite the fact that there are many social networks where even very compromising photos can be uploaded, this is not the case with TikTok. And anytime they recognize content as inappropriate for sharing, they can make the decision to suspend your account.
  • Spam: This is one of the most common reasons, and it is that the mere fact of sharing an external link, using hashtags or that a person you follow has many likes from you in all their publications, can cause your account to be suspended.
  • Content related to weapons, drugs, alcohol or tobacco: Within the application it is not allowed to share any type of information related to these topics. If you do, you should know that in a very short time your account will be totally suspended.
  • Fraud and gambling: Frauds where they invite people to make different investments, or promote any betting service, are very common, however, for TikTok it is not relevant content and it suspends the accounts that share it.
  • Publish personal data: It is personal information, which you should not share with anyone else, and when TikTok realizes, it decides to suspend the account.
  • Incite hatred, suicide, or any dangerous activity: Although none of these issues are accepted by TikTok, food issues are. For this reason, you can even find great recommendations within the app.
  • Harassment and bullying: As soon as TikTok realizes this, it automatically removes all content that is related to abuse, threats, mockery, among other things.

These three are the most common reasons why TikTok can suspend your account, however, this does not mean that there are not some more.

An important point before finalizing the article is that, in case you have no other options to recover your TikTok account, you must contact the application's email directly:, and tell them everything that is happening.