The Best Free Video Players for all formats (HD and 4K) for Windows (7 and 10) and Mac

Video players are basically programs dedicated to viewing videos be it on a computer, a tablet, a smartphone or any other device. Having a quality video player is absolutely essential to be able to properly watch both movies and videos or television programs.

A suitable video player must have support for most media formats of the present, a intuitive interface, Rendered audio and video of the best quality and many Options Of configuration.

On the Internet you can find many programs to play videos. However, not all of these programs have sufficient capacity to meet users' demands for acceptable quality playback. For all this, today we will detail the top rated free video players of all time.

What is a video codec?

Before getting into the matter, it is essential that Let's talk a bit about video codecs.

When we watch a video what we are actually using is a codec. The word codec comes from the union of the Anglo-Saxon terms coder y decoder and their function is to take care of encode and decoder an audio and video media file. 

There are different codecs for different types of data. For example, video codecs are exclusively responsible for process sequential images, while the audio codecs they are responsible for doing exactly the same thing but with the audio system. So when we play a video, both codecs will always be in unison.

Now, one of the most relevant factors of a codec is its tremendous simplicity and speed in data processing. Namely, if a codec is too heavy, playback will be clearly affected and cuts will appear or signal hangups.

What is the best free video player currently?

The best free video player today is called VLC, also known as VLC Media Player. This player is 100% compatible with Windows 10, Mac and Linux and has a free application to be able to use it on all Apple and Android mobile devices.

The VLC Media Player is about one of the most complete multimedia players that exist because it is fully compatible with most existing video formats and is 100% free. However this is not all, since this player it's also cross-platform, so you will not need to install additional codecs or programs.

10 Best Alternative Free Video Players

We have already told you that VLC Media Player is the BEST FREE VIDEO PLAYER. However, you may want to explore other options.

Next, we have designed a list of the 10 Best Alternative Free Video Players:


PotPlayer is one of the few current players that still compatible with the old operating system Windows XP. It also has support for Windows 7/8/10.

  • Allows hardware acceleration for a seamless experience. 
  • 3D-oriented functionalities.
  • Support of a huge number of codecs that downloads them automatically.
  • Customizable (support for skins).
  • Minimalist design.

NOTE: : 9 mm

5K players

5K Player is more than just a free video player. This player allows you to play files locally, stream videos and even listen to the radio. The player is free but with some advertisements for products belonging to the same company.

  • Allows you to download videos from YouTube.
  • Support DLNA/AirPlay
  • HEVC/H.264 decoding.

NOTE: : 8'5

GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player has become in recent months the one of the best free video player for Windows. This player is compatible with today's most common audio and video formats (MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV).

  • It allows to control the speed, the repetitions and the screenshots.
  • Customizable appearance through skins.
  • It is possible to connect to the database to obtain subtitles.
  • 100% compatible with older Windows XP computers.

NOTE: : 10 mm

ACG Player

ACG Player is a video player that it is only available through the Microsoft Store. It is a tablet-friendly UWP app that supports gesture control. this player It is free although it contains ads. 

  • It offers support for a large number of formats, including 360-degree video files.
  • It can be used as a media server.

NOTE: : 7 mm


KODI is nothing but the multimedia center by excellence. KODI not only plays any type of video locally, but also It has a large number of additions to expand its possibilities to infinity and beyond. 

  • KODI syncs with Netflix, YouTube and many other online streaming services.
  • Allows you to download subtitles.
  • It is compatible with many formats.

NOTE: : 9 mm

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is the closest thing to the old video player that came standard on Windows. Its clear and simple interface offers us an efficient and simple light experience, All at the same time. 

  • It incorporates a portable version that does not require installation.
  • It is customizable through skins and toolbars.
  • 100% free and free of ads.

NOTE: : 8 mm

UM Player

UM Player is a video player really light completely recommended for old equipment They don't have many resources.

  • It supports a wide variety of codecs and formats.
  • Allows you to play media from external sources like YouTube and the like.

NOTE: : 6 mm

DivX player

DivX Player is a video player that supports a wide variety of video formats. This player is specially designed to play HEVC videos as well as HD videos.

  • It allows to become a multimedia server for devices with support for DLNA.
  • Allows you to create playlists.

NOTE: : 7 mm

KM Player

This Chinese video player developed by PandoraTV has been on the market for years and it is at present when it begins to take on a surprising force. KM Player started with quite a few tools, however today there are practically countless all the functions it offers us. This is one of the top rated video players on the entire net and it is 100% free and ad free. 

  • Supports high resolution videos in QHD and UHD.
  • You don't need a very powerful team.
  • Supports 3D videos.

NOTE: : 7 mm

Most frequent doubts

What is a video codec?

When we watch a video, what we are actually using is a codec. The word codec comes from the union of the Anglo-Saxon terms “coder” and “decoder” and their function is to encode and decode an audio and video multimedia file. 

Are there good free video players?

Yes! In fact one of the best software to watch video is free. No need to buy paid programs

Can I play in HD/4K?

Yes! As long as the video player is compatible with these formats (Most are) you will not have any problem.

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