One of the highlights of Windows 10 customization is the ability to adjust display color settings. However, we may have made changes and want to go back to the settings. That is why we will give you all the necessary information to restore initial color settings in Windows 10.

How to reset the initial color settings in Windows 10?

For those of us who have customized the visual presentation on our Windows 10 computer, it is common to have played with the display settings with the intention of enhancing the intensity and vividness of the colors. However, the need to return to the default settings may arise, either for personal preference, display issues, or simply to experience the original look again.

To readjust the color values ​​to the initial standard on a Windows 10 computer, we will use a tool built into the system, known as color manager. This utility is designed to control and manage color profiles on the computer, allowing flexible management of visual settings.

The first step in this process is accessing the Windows 10 control panel. When opening the control panel, we will look for the option that bears the name “Color manager«. To make the process easier, “Color Management” can be entered into the search box, giving you the most direct access.

When entering the color management, we will find a tab called «Advanced Options". When exploring it, we will be shown the default values ​​of the color of Windows 10, along with various settings. At this point, what is required is to reset all these parameters to their initial settings. It is a simple and direct process.

With these few steps, we managed to return to the original color settings that we enjoyed at the beginning with Windows 10. Every change we make in the future can be applied instantly through the color manager, and if at any time we want to return to the default values, just repeat these simple steps.

Once we have performed the reset, press the accept button and we can now leave the control manager. You will immediately notice that the colors on the screen have been modified, returning to the configuration that the machine had when it was purchased. And so, with minimal effort, we've returned our visual system to its original state, allowing us to once again appreciate the vision of Windows developers.