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Roblox is an online game with more than 10 years of existence and that bears a certain similarity to the well-known video game Minecraft, which was ahead in terms of popularity and revenue. However, lately many people have known the innumerable advantages and hours of fun offered by the Roblox online video game and that has resulted in that today there are more than 80 million users worldwide.

Information verified and updated as of April 2022.

If you want to know reliable methods to get card codes to redeem for robux and thus get them for free, keep reading:

Among them, we can differentiate those who play, this is the most common, and those who develop worlds and various levels, which can even monetize their services.

Roblox recently became known as a video game, and today it has become the place where many programmers or designers can create without limits and be part of a universe which also It generates income for them every month. There are a wide variety of ways to get Robux currency for free, so let's go through it so you can easily discover them all.

Right now it is possible to get codes and cards that allow us to have free robux within Roblox.

Be very careful with the supposed Robux generators, and pages that "give Robux away" for good reason, since these types of programs are fraudulent and if you put your Roblox account in one of these generators, it is most likely that you will be left without account or worse still that they charge you through the line.

How do you get real free Robux?

There are various methods by which we will be able to have free Robux safely. Attention because they are not all safe! We are mainly going to talk about the most effective and those that work, although there are also payment methods to get this well-known Roblox virtual currency.

Be careful not to fall for any Robux “hack program” or “robux generator”, as these generators can cause problems. Although there are methods that work in 2021 to get free Robux through cards and codes, they are not all equally reliable.

Roblox Affiliate Program

If what you want is to know the most effective method to get Robux in the simplest and most effective way possible, video game affiliate program is your most feasible choice.

Having a Roblox account you will be able to easily access your affiliate program. Once you have completed the necessary steps, you will be given a personalized link, which you will be able to use so that, if other users register through it, you can take a proportion of the Robux they buy.

This means that every time people sign up using your link, you will receive a 5% commission of the Robux that person buys in Roblox.

In addition, this will be permanent and without user limits. So you will always receive that percentage of the Robux that are purchased in the game.

Sell ​​Roblox Game Passes or Game Access

Another way to get free Robux is by selling these game passes.

For this, you will need to have a developed game, with one left over, but you can create as many as you want. So, when you feel convinced with the results of your level, you will be able to pay it and receive Robux for each user who enters the game and has fun with your created world.

The developer will have the ability to choose the final price of each of the Game Passes it offers. If you are a free user, you will receive 10% of what the level generates, on the other hand, if you are a Builders Club member, you will get 70% of the total.

free robux with surveys

With this type of application you will be able to carry out a series of surveys and get money to be able to buy Robux with each one of them.

We take this opportunity to remind you not to use «Roblox generators» or «Hacks for Roblox», since in the future you may have problems with your account.


Among the most popular we find Cash4Apps, which you will be able to do surveys from your Android or IOS mobile and obtain an amount for each of the questions answered.

App Karma

Also App Karma, application very similar to the previous one and that works practically the same. It also has an affiliate program with which you can get 300 karma units every time someone registers through your link, which will come in handy to be able to get points and exchange them for Rixty Cards, equivalent to Robux units.

Google Opinion Rewards

To finish we find Rewards Opinion, application developed by Google and with which we will be able to carry out surveys that will give us credit to be able to spend on Roblox. In this way we will be able to get free Robux, just by filling out the surveys that come out.

Gamehag to get Robux

gamehag It is a website that we have tested and therefore we can consider it reliable.

The system proposed by this web page is to win Soul Gems, which we will then be able to exchange for Google Play cards of up to $15.

We have many options to earn these gems such as: play games, mini-games, write articles, upload videos to YouTube talking about the platform, do surveys, invite friends, speak in forums, share content on Facebook, level up, download APPs...

Both in the case of Gamehag and the survey sites, in a week you will be able to earn the equivalent of 400 Robux, about $5.

Within Gamehag you can:

  • Play minigames.
  • Upload videos to YouTube.
  • Invite your friends.
  • Conduct surveys.
  • Download the Gamehag app.
  • Write Video Game Articles.
  • Complete missions.
  • Interact within the forums.
  • Share content on your social networks.

Through Cashzine

This APP has a very similar operation to Gamehag but with the difference that you will be able to carry out the actions directly from your mobile phone.

cashzine It is an APP for Android whose operation is very simple, you will only have to read news that these APPs offer and answer some questions, for each article you see you will get some coins that you can exchange for Robux.

Games that give free Robux

There are some APPs on Android that allow us to earn Robux, we are going to see the best known (and that work well).

In all these games the equivalence is the same: 100 in-game gems = 1 Robux.

The trick of these games is that they generate money through advertising or when you make payments within the game, and in return they give you Robux.

Let's analyze these games:

Free Robux Lotto

Free Lotto Robux

This is a free APP that you will be able to download here and the operation is quite simple, this game will give us games that we can play to obtain Robux, we can choose between:

  • surprise chests
  • Slot machine
  • Lottery
  • Memory game

The dynamics of the game is that every time we earn coins in the game we will be able to exchange them for Robux to play on Roblox.

This game specifically is the one that we least recommend because it can cause problem gambling.

Free Robux Scooter Ride

Free Robux Scooter Ride

Free Robux Scooter Ride (Download here) is another game that follows the same dynamics as the previous one, but this time we will only have one game to play, which consists of driving a scooter and dodging obstacles.

Once you have reached a certain level of points you can exchange them for Robux, some users after playing for 2 hours earn 8900 diamonds.

Free Robux Merge and Drift

Merge and Drift

Merge and Drift is another game available for Android (You can download it here) in which we will have to overcome levels with our car, and as with the other games we will be able to exchange the coins for Robux.

Jet Pack Chicken

Jetpack Chicken

This is a game (You can download it here) in which we will have to launch a chicken and destroy objects, in the purest Angry Birds style.

strong granny

strong granny

Strong GrannyYou can download it here) is a game in which you are going to control a grandmother as she passes through the city.

Free Robux Master

Free Robux Master

With this APP (You can download it here) changes the dynamics a bit, and we have a quiz game, specifically we have a quiz of 10 questions about Roblox through which once we finish answering them we will earn coins.

Robux Spin 2020

Robux Spin

Robux Spin 2020 (You can download it here) we have a wheel of fortune where we can roll to obtain Robux directly for free. This APP is the least recommended since it can cause addiction and you will have to make a 5-star comment on the Play Store and wait a couple of days for the Robux to be delivered to you.

There are also other platforms such as Robux Cash, Get Robux GG, Robloxgiveaway, Roblox Hacker Club, Robuxian, Robux Generator and Robux Free that are not secure web pages, so we do not recommend their use.

What are Robux and what are they for?

At the beginning of Roblox, when it was a few months old, there were two types of virtual currencies in the game, some were the tickets and others were the Robux. As it progressed, the platform understood that having two currencies could cause confusion, so they decided to keep only one, this being Robux. Despite this, the tickets are used for things that are not very important in the game, but the main currency is Robux.

In order to buy and sell with this system, you will have to access Roblox. But, you will also be able to get it in other places where Robux is offered, yes, in a great majority of cases, if we obtain it through external places, its value will not be the same as the one they have in Roblox.

What are Robux used for?

There are a wide variety of uses that we can give this currency within the game, and its usefulness is very diverse. Here are some examples of the use of Robux within the video game:

To be able to play at premium levels

This is something we can do if we want to unlock more levels. The first thing you have to know is that Roblox is a free game and we will be able to access free levels without problems. However, there is a category called Premium Games, which is paid.

These types of levels, unlike the free ones, involve a greater effort for the developers, so in order to reward their effort, the paid game is put on.

Some have a symbolic payment, while others have a higher price. Everything depends on the level quality and ratings in Roblox. In this way, we will be able to choose if we want to play it having to pay Robux, or not.

To buy Game Passes

These game passes are a variation of the so-called paid games. And it is that many of the games are free, but you can include shopping inside. Whether for upgrades, character items, or various special benefits, Robux can also be used in this regard.

Each game of this type has the sale of some type of improvements in the level and its price will depend on the developer. You do not have to buy them, since you will be able to continue playing without problems without the need to get the benefits, but know that they are at your disposal.

Buy and sell collectibles

Roblox is not only a platform where we can play, but it also offers us a market in which buy and sell collectibles. With this we will be able to get popular objects of all kinds, among which we find t-shirts, caps or accessories which we will be able to buy or sell.

This will allow us to access an alternative way to get Robux for free, since by selling the objects we have we will be able to get coins and exchange them for cash or Robux.

Is Roblox Premium worth it?

Roblox Premium is a paid subscription where you will receive Robux continuously.

We recommend that you subscribe to this service, not only because of the Robux that you will be able to get, but also because of the additional benefits such as making clothes (and being able to sell them), creating more than one game and receiving better rewards.

With this subscription that starts from €5 per month In addition, you will even be able to have a 10% discount on the purchase of Robux.

Update: Some users tell us that from the official Roblox Twitter account Occasionally they give away some for free.

Pages to get free robux

The best way to get free Robux within Roblox is continue with the indications that we have commented previously, if what you want is to invest time to have these free Robux you can do it through games and other methods.

While if you do not want to invest your time in having free Robux and instead you want to spend this time playing Roblox, we recommend that you get a roblox premium plan since this way you will have a Robux number and a discount if you want to buy more.

Actualización: We don't trust,, to be a safe place to get Robux, so we recommend you stay away from and There is no magic trick to earn free Robux you will have to pay them either in money or time spent on other apps and games.

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