Know if messages are ignored on facebook messenger It is not a complicated subject and in this guide we will teach it to you. 

How to check the read confirmation of messages

Has it happened to you that you send a message to a person who appears connected in Messenger, but apparently it never comes? The reason for this is that the recipient activated one of the options that Facebook Messenger has for your profile: “Ignore Messages”.

This is an option added very recently to the conversations on this platform. Which basically works under the concept that the messages sent by the ignored profile they do not arrive in the Messenger inbox, but are located in “Message Requests”, another section of the platform.

Messenger doesn't send a warning notification to the sender, so the only way to know is through a read receipt, as mentioned below. 

In Messenger of smartphones and tablets

Check if they ignore you on messenger it's easy if you use a smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is log in to your Facebook account, through Messenger and on the home screen locate the conversation you want to check. If this is not among the first chats, you can use the platform's search bar and write the recipient's profile name. 

Next, open the conversation and note the symbol or check mark that indicates the read receipt. 

This appears just below the message to your right. When the person reads the message, there we will see a thumbnail of her photograph. However, when you haven't read it, the verification check appears inside a circle, filled in blue. But, what happens when they are ignoring us? The answer is simple, the check appears the same, but the background of the circle is not filled, but white (or black if you have dark mode active). 

Read verification in Messenger

Sometimes this is not an efficient verification system, because it can also happen that the person has not connected to Messenger in days and that is why the message has not been delivered. 

On computer Messenger

For check read receipts from a PC we have two options. The first is to do from Messenger

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and click on the Messenger icon located in the options menu. A view of the first conversations will be displayed, but select the option “See everything in Messenger” What do you find at the end? 
  2. Type the username of the person you want to check into the search bar to make it easier to locate. 
  3. Although you can verify just by looking at the background color of the verification check, you can also place the mouse cursor over this symbol and leave it there to see the status of the message. There will be the word "Shipped Delivered" o "Viewed". If the person is online, but the status of the message is only "Sent" possibly means that he is ignoring your messages. 
Read Verification in Messenger on Computer

The second option is to review basically the same. However, we access the conversation directly from Facebook chat

How to check the receiver's last active session in Messenger

Know the time of the last access from the user to the platform, it can help you determine if the user activated the option “Ignore Messages” for your profile or simply, they have not been delivered because you have not yet reconnected to the platform. 

In Messenger of smartphones and tablets

First of all you have to understand something: not always the data of the last session will be visible to us. All users have the possibility to hide your last facebook login. Therefore, if this is the case with the user, it is information to which you can't access. 

It should be noted that you cannot see this information when you have hidden your own last access to Messenger. 

Taking into account the above, all you have to do is log in to Messenger through your mobile device and with the search bar locate the username you want to find. 

Click on his photo and then the chat will open. There you can see immediately below their username if they are active or when they were last connected. 

In case your status appears active, your last session data is hours or minutes after sending you the message that is still not delivered, it means that is ignoring your messages. 

Last connection time on Facebook Messenger

This data is also visible without the need to open the chat of the conversation. Just look through the list of conversations in your Messenger and notice the place where the green light that indicates the active status usually appears. Generally, there is also a number showing how long ago the user's last visit to the platform was. 

On computer Messenger

A user's last access to Messenger can also be viewed via web version platform. 

Log in to your Facebook account, using your favorite browser, and use the search bar to type the other person's username. Then the tab of your chat with that person will open and under the username, the data about their last active state. 

Last Activity on Messenger

Why are our messages not being received?

As we mentioned a few paragraphs ago, the messages are not only not delivered when the recipient activates the option “ignore messages”, it is also possible that it happens for other reasons. 

Because it is "Ignoring" our messages 

This means that he is not even aware that you wrote to him, since the messages are surely landing in the inbox. "Message requests" or from “spam", whose content, is only displayed entering them directly and it does not show up in the main inbox. 

Because you have not connected again in Messenger 

When a user logs out of Facebook Messenger, the messages we send them not marked as delivered, but until you reconnect. For this reason, it is a good idea to check your last active session before jumping to conclusions. 

Because… Has he blocked us? 

Definitely, this is not one of the options, since if he had blocked you, the Facebook system does not even allow you to send him a message or view his profile. Normally in the chat the notification appears “Person not available on Messenger” 

How to avoid being blocked on Facebook Messenger? 

More than a tip or tutorial on Facebook Messenger passwords or secrets on this subject, in reality, you can only avoid it by taking a series of measures on a personal level. 

Don't harass other people 

Send messages repeatedly and insistently other people can make them feel harassed, especially when it comes to people you haven't interacted with in real life. 

express yourself properly 

You cannot force anyone to respond to your messages and with a rude attitude or demeaning treatment you will not get anything. If there is something important to communicate to the person, get to the point directly and if possible, write all the information in a message. 

Other frequently asked questions

What do Messenger ticks mean?

Called by some as "popcorn" the ticks or checks that appear next to or below the messages are the read confirmation signs. These indicate the state in which the message is found, either sending, sent, delivered or read. 

  • spinning circle means that the message is in the process of being sent. 
Verification circle in Facebook Messenger without sending
  • Check inside the circle without fill means the message was sent. 
Circle of verification in Facebook Messenger sent
  • When the circle with check is filled blue color means the message was delivered to the other person. 
Verification Circle in Facebook Messenger Delivered
  • If tick or check is replaced by a thumbnail of the recipient's profile photo, it means that they have already read the message. 
Verification circle in Facebook Messenger read

What options does Facebook Messenger give us?

Messenger offers us different ways to manage messages through the application, therefore, we have a lot of control over what we receive and the users with whom we have contact on the platform. 

Facebook Messenger Settings
  1. Ignore messages: It is used to move a conversation to the section “Message requests”, therefore, we will not receive notifications about new messages in that conversation, nor will we see it on the main page of the chats. However, the other person will not be notified about this. Also, with this option, we can open the chat from "Message requests" y it will not appear as seen who sent it. 
  2. Mute notifications: It helps us prevent chat message notifications from appearing on our smartphone, tablet, computer, or iPad. This option allows us to choose how long the mute notifications, from 15 minutes to an indefinite time. 
  3. Block: It is the option to use when we do not want a contact to continue sending messages to our account. Of course, it will be notified of the block, but he will not be able to send you messages or view your profile. 

Why don't messages arrive in Messenger? 

When the message is sent to an unknown person with whom we have never started a conversation in the application, it is totally normal that the message never appears with the tick of "Delivered". This happens because the recipient must first accept message request to become your contact. 

However, when it's a known contact you chat with frequently, chances are they're using the chat option. “ignore messages” with your profile. In this case, the read receipt will always remain as "Sent" and will not change to "Delivered" o "Read" until the user reactivates the conversation. 

By Luz Hernandez Lozano

Freelance writer with more than 4 years writing to create content for different web portals, which has resulted in the acquisition of a huge collection of knowledge on different digital topics. Her excellent journalistic work allows her to write first-rate articles and guides related to technology.