I'm sure you've ever wondered how many people have unfollowed you on Instagram and for what reasons.

The truth is that Instagram has become a completely essential social network for a large number of companies and users, since it can provide our brand, product or service with greater proximity and a much more human and confident aspect.

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You are most likely wondering Why do you want to know which people unfollow you on Instagram?, and the truth is that there are many reasons for it. Keep reading!

Why should I want to know who doesn't follow me on Instagram?

You should want to know mainly because Instagram can be a very good way to get many more sales. With a good marketing strategy in this social network, we are completely sure that it is even possible to double the income.

The most common factors Why your followers unfollow you on Instagram are:

You are not providing valuable content

Have you thought that perhaps your profile has become your own photo album and nothing more?

Although Instagram is a photography social network, You should always try to provide valuable content. You can transmit this valuable content both through the photographs themselves and through the texts that accompany them.

Your posts are the same on all social networks

One of the main mistakes that many users and companies make on the Internet in general is that they post the exact same content on all the most popular social networks.

The truth is that this does nothing more than fill out your profile, so your followers will notice and stop following you.

You are completely out of date

The feeling of abandonment and inactivity in a corporate account It is one of the greatest dangers in which you can fall. This inactivity can clearly convey that your company has closed and is no longer doing its job.

What is clear is that not uploading content for a long time or not uploading content in very long intervals of time, can lead to many of your followers abandoning you.

Your target audience does not use this particular social network

It is possible that, although you are very active on Instagram, you are transmitting valuable content to the wrong target, so in this case almost it is more preferable that those users unfollow you.

Still, you should keep in mind that profiles with millions of followers are the result of very hard work with enormous effort behind it.

The best APPs and tools to know who stops following us on Instagram

Next, we will detail one by one the best tools to know who stops following us on Instagram:


Image result for Crowdfire

Crowdfire is mainly used for all social networks but, specifically for Instagram, it is used to schedule publications, send messages to communities or know who unfollows youInter alia.

Furthermore, this tool currently is in spanish and you learn to use it in an extremely intuitive way.

He does not follow me

Image result for Don't follow me app

This tool is very similar to the previous one, however, this one focuses much more on the loss of followers and their fluctuations. Also, this tool can be used for both Twitter and Instagram.


Image result for Unfollowgram

With Unfollowgram you will be able to meet within a click How is your list of followers evolving?

In addition, it is really easy to select any thanks to its intuitive design. As if that were not enough, this tool It also compares statistics and offers very complete information at all times.

By Manuel Garrido

Graduated in Computer Science, passionate about writing and technology. In Digital Guides I am going to offer you the best tutorials of the tools that I master the most, as well as recommendations of apps and programs that will surely interest you.