In the article we will see step by step how to get money from thetan arena so you have no doubt.

It is very easy to withdraw money from Thetan Arena, we just need to follow a series of steps:

Connect Thetan Arena with Metamask

We came in and we click on the blue button that says 'MARKETPLACE'

Once inside the MARKETPLACE we click on the 'Connect Wallet' button.

Then we will click on the 'Login with Meta Mask' button

Link our Thetan Arena account with Metamask

Now what we will do is link our game account, we just write our email, paste the code that will have arrived in the inbox and give 'Link account'.

If you have done this last step correctly, it will now ask you to link your Meta Mask Wallet with your game account. We just hit the button 'LINK' and we accept the agreement of use that they propose to us.

Now there is only sign and ready! We already have our Wallet linked to our Thetan Arena account.

Once the complete process of linking all this is done, it is time to withdraw our earnings.

Withdraw earnings from Thetan Arena

To do this, we click on our profile picture and go to where it says 'Wallet'.

Now inside our Wallet we can see all the amount of tokens that we have won with the game. We go to the part where it says 'Ingame Currency' and in the Thetan Coin we give 'claim'. 

IMPORTANT: if you have not reached the rank of Bronze I a message will appear preventing withdrawal

Below we leave you all the requirements that you need to take into account in order to withdraw your Thetan Coin in Thetan Arena:

  • 12 days of play. Something you need yes or yes to be able to withdraw your winnings within Thetan Arena is to have 12 days of play in your account.
  • Bronze Rank I In addition to these 12 days, in order to withdraw your earnings you need to reach at least the rank of Bronze I. 
  • Some THG. When withdrawing the THC they charge you 4% of what you are going to withdraw in THG, so if you do not have THG you will not be able to pay this commission.

If you meet the requirements, you simply have to click on the Claim button and after a few seconds those THC that you have withdrawn will appear in your Meta Mask Wallet.

Remove THC from Metamask

Now to be able to withdraw your THC from your Wallet you simply have to go to and once inside this page we go to the 'Trade'.

Within this tab we click where it says 'BNB' and select the currency we want to withdraw, in this case THC.

Then just below we select the currency with which we want to make the change. In this case, for example we select BUSD.

Now we have our BUSD in Meta Mask and we can convert it whenever we want into real money through an exchange, such as Binance.

By Manuel Garrido

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