Can you use multiple accounts in Bomb Crypto? In this post we will reveal more details about the game and how it is possible to increase income using a multi-account feature.

The answer is yes. You can have as many Bomb Crypto accounts as you like. This is because Bomb Crypto is a decentralized game based on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and values ​​privacy.

Therefore, you do not need to register or fill out any forms to play Bomb Crypto. This is very important and is the main factor that allows you to have multiple accounts in the game.

As the game is decentralized, the game assets, which are the heroes required to play the game, as well as BCoins and other NFT items in the game, are stored in a wallet external to the game. This is very simple, think of a cryptocurrency exchange. To buy and sell Bitcoins on an exchange like Binance, for example, you need to complete a registration, do various checks and then send your money or crypto to the exchange and then start trading.

No Bomb Crypto doesn't work like that, you don't need to send anything to the game platform and you don't even need to complete anything. All you need is a decentralized wallet called MetaMask, which can be downloaded from the mobile app store or in the Google Chrome browser as an extension.

This decentralized wallet, MetaMask, will also not require any forms or document submissions. Simply download it, follow the password setup process, and you're good to go. It is installed and ready to use. It is in this category that the game will pay out your BCoins within Bomb Crypto and it is also in this category that your NFTS and in-game heroes will be stored. Nothing stays with the Bomb Crypto platform.

So, the first step to having multiple accounts and playing Bomb Crypto is to download the MetaMask wallet, follow the password setup process, which is very simple and self-explanatory within the wallet, and that's it.

Example of a MetaMask wallet with more than one account set up

Can you use multi-accounts in Bomb Crypto? 15 heroes

After downloading your MetaMask wallet and setting up the password, now it's time to start playing Bomb Crypto.

As we already explained here, in addition to downloading MetaMask, to play the game the user needs to have at least 1 hero in the game's NFT. In total, each player can have up to 50 heroes. However, you can only use a maximum of 15 heroes while playing.

Remembering that the objective of the game is to find the BCoins. They meet the heroes by literally blowing up blocks in their search. So if you have 1 hero, the chance of finding BCoins is lower than a user with 15 heroes. Each hero also has different levels and rarities. Rarer heroes find more BCoins than their less rare companions. Also, heroes with higher power levels find more BCoins than heroes of the same rarity with lower power levels.

This is very important for you to decide whether or not to have multiple accounts at Bomb Crypto and whether or not this will increase your profitability in the game.

So the rule is this: if you don't have at least 15 heroes, there is no point in having more than one Bomb Crypto account. So the first step is to buy 15 heroes. We won't go into too much detail here about how to buy heroes and how they work in the game. you can check this out in more detail in other guides here on the portal.

Now, if you have more than 15 heroes, it might be interesting to have more than one Bomb Crypto account. However, it is recommended to have at least 20+ heroes to have more than one account. Why that? Because, as we already discussed, you can work with up to 15 heroes simultaneously finding BCoins. It is also possible to have multiple heroes to trade while 1 loses strength for another at full strength. However, this means that the player would have to be logged in 24 hours into the game and act to switch heroes. With more than one account, it is possible to have the same income by dividing the heroes into different accounts, but taking some time to rest.

In addition, the game has sought to eliminate the operations of bots (robots) that seek to automate the game so that it 'runs' without the need for the user to interact with the game. To do this, the developers are implementing some restrictions such as: stopping the game when the browser tab is in the background and ending the user's activity with more than 10 minutes without interaction on the platform. This makes it difficult to have many heroes working on the same account.

Example of a browser screen with 5 Bomb Crypto accounts working together

Can you use multiple accounts in Bomb Crypto? Multiple account setup

So if you already have more than 20 heroes it is more profitable to have more than one account. For each multi-account, we recommend having up to 15 heroes, because, as we said, these heroes will work together to find BCoins.

As Bomb Crypto is a decentralized game, in order to create multiple accounts, you must first create more than one wallet in MetaMask. For this it is important to know that once you have logged into MetaMask it is possible to create another account without having to 'log out'. To do this, simply open MetaMask, go to the user icon, and then click “Create Account”. Clever. You now have a wallet with two (or more) accounts

With more than one account in MetaMask you 'automatically' already have more than one account in Bomb Crypto. Now, to play with these two accounts at the same time, keep in mind that Bomb Crypto allows up to 5 open tabs to play via IP. That means you can have up to 5 different accounts playing the game simultaneously over IP.

So if you have up to 75 heroes you won't have any problem. Debt these heroes being 15 heroes per account (MetaMask) open a tab with Bomb Crypto and start playing. Open another tab, connect with the other account and start playing, and so on.

Now, if you have more than 75 heroes and you want to play Bomb Crypto with more than 5 different accounts, then you will need different devices (such as cell phone and PC) or use a VPN service to change your computer's IP. But beware, several security researchers have said that VPNs are not very secure. So the choice is yours. We are not going to recommend any VPN here and therefore we are not going to show you how to set up a VPN. The risk must be considered by each user.

After downloading the VPN, just open a browser, then enter the Bomb Crypto game, and in this new browser, you will have the possibility to play with 5 more accounts with the VPN activated. This can be done for as many accounts as you want, always respecting the limit of 5 accounts per IP.