For many people, Instagram stories work as excellent entertainment, however, not all users can see them, and that is why today you are going to know How to see Instagram Stories without an account?

How to see Instagram Stories without an account in a simple way?

Instagram Stories, or better known as Instagram stories, are videos or images that last 24 hours, to which you can add music, texts, icons, among other things.

After 24 hours have passed, these stories are not available, therefore, if you want to view them, it must be within that period of time. And, if you are the user who uploads the story, you have the possibility to see the accounts that have entered to see your story.

Although it was previously believed that only users with an account can see Instagram stories, this is not the case. People without an account also have the possibility to do it, without any problem; The best thing is that the user who uploads the story will not find out that you have seen it.

To see the Instagram Stories it is very important to have an account, but if you do not have it, you can use some Web pages that will help you with this. Next, we leave you the alternatives if you do not want the other user to find out that you have seen her stories.

View Instagram stories with account without trace

Yes, it is possible to see different stories on Instagram, and that the other user does not notice, you just have to continue reading to find out everything.

Activating airplane mode

If you have an account on Instagram, it is also possible to view the stories making sure that the other user cannot see you. So, all you have to do is turn airplane mode on and off, in addition to following these steps:

  • The first step is to open the application, and wait a few seconds for the stories of the users you follow to load.
  • The next thing to do is activate the airplane mode, and thus, you are deactivating all the connections of your phone. In this way, you make sure that the application cannot communicate with the Internet, and at the same time, it prevents the platform from allowing you to see that you accessed the story.
  • After you have already made sure to see the stories in question, you have to close the application.
  • Now, you must delete the cache of the app, and thus you can eliminate any type of trace.
  • When you are completely sure you can deactivate the airplane mode, and all the memory of the stories you watched is immediately erased.

Using the Hiddengram extension

This extension is used only from a computer, it is available for both Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Hiddengram, is its name and you can download it for free.

When you make sure that it is installed, you have to enter the Instagram website, and verify that the extension is active. In this way, the user will not know that you saw her story.

How to see Instagram stories if I don't have an account?

If you don't have an Instagram account you also have the possibility to view stories, without leaving any trace. And, the way to do it is using different Web pages that are mentioned below:

story saver

story saver is a page that allows you to view user stories from your mobile, without the need to create an account. All you have to do is enter the username of the account you want to see, but make sure not to write the at sign.


Installed, is another of the Web pages, and it is one of the most complete, in addition, it also allows you to download the stories you want on your computer, you can see the Instagram profile image, the videos, reels, etc.

To use Instadp, all you have to do is place the name of the account you are looking for in the corresponding box, making sure not to write the at sign.


Done, then the profile appears, where you are going to search for the story you want to see, which is generally the third option on the left side. And, under each video you have the option to »Downloads» to download.

IG Stories

IG Stories It is another of the pages that you can use to access any Instagram story without having an account. What you have to do is write the username of the profile you want to see, and that's it, you already have access to the latest publications and the Stories posted.