Telegram is one of the most used social networks worldwide, and when it comes to sharing files, it is your best option. However, on many occasions there are drawbacks, such as telegram download slowThis is why, today we leave you all the solutions that you can apply. 

What are the solutions to avoid Telegram slow download?

Telegram is one of the most used social networks by all users in the world, however, this does not mean that it does not present errors. One of them is that many times the waiting time to download a file can be very slow.

Slow downloads can be generated many times because there is a limit on the connection hours, and this is closely related to the ISP.

Although it seems to be a problem that has no solution, this is not the case, many alternatives are currently available that help you speed up downloads on Telegram. For this reason, the most popular in the world are mentioned below. 

Check the internet connection

One of the main problems that occurs when downloading a file is the Internet connection. When there is an error with this system, the process usually takes a little longer than normal.

For this reason, it is recommended that, when in doubt, the first thing you do is check the Internet connection, and thus determine if the download speed is really good. 

One of the most recommended pages to measure Internet speed is speedcheckIt is one of the oldest. To use it you must place your location and that's it.

With this page you can know the speed to upload or download files, in addition, you can know the IP and the name of the Internet provider. And, you just have to do the following:

  • Place in the search bar of your browser ''speedcheck''.
  • Then click on the first link, and the following appears.
  • When you click on ''Star Test'', the strength of your connection appears.

Free up space on your phone

When your phone does not have the necessary space to download files either, many times the operation is affected, and, therefore, all the processes take a little longer than expected.

Telegram is one of the applications that takes up a lot of memory on your phone, this is because it allows you to share large files with high quality. 

It is best to delete conversations, photos, and any files that are no longer necessary. 

Another aspect that you can apply is to deactivate the automatic download, so you have the possibility of really downloading all the files you need. You can do this in the following way:

  • Open Telegram.
  • Go into settings.
  • Once there, you must select the option ''Data and Storage''.
  • then search ''Auto-download Multimedia''.
  • The next thing you should do is click on the option with mobile data and deactivate it, while keeping the mobile data option active. ''With WiFi''. 

Update to the latest version of Telegram

Generally, this application is usually updated automatically, however, on some occasions this does not happen, and you must be attentive to the appearance of the last update.

Many times a notification appears on your screen for you to update, and just by selecting ''Update'', the process is carried out.

Also, you can go to the app store, search for the app, and check if there is an update. If so, click ''Update''. 

Use a VPN

This is another of the solutions, however, it is recommended to use it in cases where there are many people connected to the same network. This is because the ping and the servers decrease their services when there are many users using the network.

The choice of some of the VPNs strictly depends on your preferences, but it is recommended that it be one of the best to install on your mobile device.

One of the most popular is tunnel Bear that offers you different plans that adapt to your needs. And, it is installed as follows:

  • Download the app from TunnelBear.
  • Next, you must create an account, including your email address, and a password.
  • To confirm your identity, a message is sent to your email, where you must verify the information.
  • Lastly, you need to allow the app to set up the connection, and you will be able to use it.

Download Telegram X

One of the options in case the previous ones do not work, is to download Telegram X, and this is because its interface is also considered one of the best. 

Despite the fact that it is considered an alternative application, it has nothing to envy to the official version. And, you just have to place the name of the application in the browser and install it.

Reduce the number of open groups

How to return to a Telegram group from which you had left

If you have open groups in the application, generally, the resources that they consume are many. For this reason, it is recommended that you delete those that are not so necessary. 

This is because, in most groups, there is a lot of information that is shared, and it slows down the download speed. Getting out of the groups is very simple, you just have to select the three points, and click on the option ''Leave group''. In this way, you will immediately have left the group.

By Manuel Garrido

Graduated in Computer Science, passionate about writing and technology. In Digital Guides I am going to offer you the best tutorials of the tools that I master the most, as well as recommendations of apps and programs that will surely interest you.