NFT games are here to stay. And although they have come out a lot in this 2021, there is one in particular that has been on the crest of the wave for a long time and which seems to never go down from there. Yes, we are talking about Axie Infinity, a play to earn game that, if you know how to play it well, will give you very good earnings. That is why today we bring you some tricks in Axie Infinity to win your arenas.

It is important that you know how Arena mode works, since It is essential to get the maximum possible profitability. So, if you don't know what we are talking about, you can take a look at how Arena Mode works in Axie Infinity, which will surely help you.

Axie Infinity tricks that will help you win in arena

Axie Infinity is a game of strategy, of knowing how your Axies cards work, as well as those of your rival. You have to know how the deck works and, most importantly, learn to count the energies. Calm! We assure you that the tricks you will see below they will help you improve in each of your games in the arena mode.

Understand how your team works

A team is made up of 3 Axies. However, not all teams are the same as there are multiple possible combinations. That is why you must understand how your equipment works. That is, which Axies have type advantage against and which ones do not. This is essential for calculating damages.

In addition, all teams have a synergy. An example could be: the Axie Plant is placed forward to take the most damage, but also to steal energy from the opponent and generate cards. Meanwhile, the Axie Fish is attacking with zero cost cards and generating energy for a future attack by the Axie Beast, which is last, waiting to have the ideal combo to eliminate, with a single blow, a rival Axie.

So by understanding how your team works, you will know when it will be the right time to attack, defend or just pass the turn to generate energy. This way you will have an advantage over your rival.

Check your opponent's cards before playing

This is one of the most important rules of the game. Yes, take it as a rule. You must check the opponent's cards before making any move in round 1. This will allow you to know how each of your enemy's Axies work.

Note that each card has an energy cost and functionality. While there are cards that only deal damage, there are others that have a secondary effect that can boost their Axies or weaken yours. Therefore, you should also know the list of improvements and weaknesses that may be present in each round.

Once you have reviewed the opponent's cards and understood what each one does. Get ready to make your strategy and make your first move.

Learn to count the rival's energies

The energies are like the wheels of a car. If you don't know how many energy your rival has in each round, you are likely to lose. in most of your arena matches. That is why reviewing your opponent's cards before you start is very important, as that way you will know what the costs of his cards are.

From the outset, you have to know that as soon as the game begins you have 3 energy and 6 cards, and as pass each round will give you 2 energy and 3 cards. In other words, knowing what the costs of your opponent's cards are and which ones he plays in each round, you will know how much energy he will have for the next round.

So that you do not get confused in the energy count while playing you can use any type of counter online. If you don't know where to find them, you can click here and get one. Use this tool It will help you a lot in making decisions in each round..

Learn to count your opponent's cards

This is one of the most difficult things to understand when entering Axie Infinity, as the developers of the game designed it in a very confusing way.

The first thing you need to know is that each Axie has 4 cards, and if you have 3 Axies you will have a total of 12 cards to attack or defend. But when you enter to play in Arena or Adventure mode your Axies have all their cards repeated by two. Namely, you will have a total of 24 cards to use in the game.

Knowing this, the game shows you 4 things during each round:

  1. Your remaining cards in the deck from the previous round (lower left corner).
  2. Your current cards in the graveyard (Lower right corner).
  3. The cards you have in hand.
  4. The remaining cards in the opponent's deck from the last round (Right upper corner).

Yes, the first point is a bit weird. But is that the game tells us the number of cards in the deck that were still missing in the previous round. That is, if your deck says 10, but you used 3 cards in the previous round, this means that there are currently 7 cards left in the deck for the card count to restart. This applies exactly the same with point number 4.

This is really important because, as you just read, each Axie has two of the same cards. But what does this have to do with the game? Imagine that your opponent used two of the same cards with a single Axie in a single round or in two rounds in a row. That means that Axie you won't get that card again until you draw all the cards from your deck and your deck is reset.

It is for this reason that learning how the deck works and knowing how to count the opponent's cards they will give you advantage in each and every one of the rounds of the game.

Calculate the damage of your cards

Last we have the calculation that each card of your Axie makes to another rival Axie. As you could see above, there is a triangle of power that gives advantages or disadvantages between each type of Axie. Example: Even though your Axie Plant card says it does 45 damage to an Axie Fish, this 45 damage will be 15% more because of the type advantage your Plant has against its Fish (and vice versa).

What almost all Axie Infinity players do is record in an Excel table how much damage each of your cards does to certain types of Axie (with advantage and disadvantage of types). You can write down each damage during each game or, if you find it a bit difficult, make a friendly game with a friend and write down the damage card by card.

The reason for this is know how to calculate exactly the damage of a card combo to find out if you can weaken a rival Axie. In this way you will not waste cards, nor will the rival Axie be left alive with few health points, ready for a counterattack.

If you apply each and every one of these tricks we assure you that you will improve as a player, you will learn to predict the rival and you will go up very quickly in cups. Something that suits you because you will earn more SLP per game and thus generate more income.

By Hector Romero

Journalist in the technology sector for more than 8 years, with extensive experience writing in some of the reference blogs on Internet browsing, apps and computers. I am always informed of the latest news regarding technological advances thanks to my documentary work.