Tricks to earn more in Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is beginning to establish itself as one of the most powerful blockchain-based mobile games in the world. 

And it is that in addition to being a really fun game, It allows us to generate income without moving from the sofa and without paying in advance, a novelty in the field of blockchain-based games.

And because the whole world is playing this game lately, there are many doubts about what are the best tricks to win more games in Thetan Arena and climb faster in the ranking system. 

Here we discuss the best tricks to dominate the battlefield and climb like foam in the global player ranking.

You can earn more playing alone than accompanied

The problem that you will surely have when you start playing is that your teammates are pretty bad, to say the least. Also, you will surely get a lot of people who suddenly leave in the middle of the game, and in the end all these things do to frustrate you and leave the game.

Don't worry, here's the solution. What you have to do in these early stages of the game, that is in the first leagues, is play by yourself, without anyone else. To do this we will simply go to the button that we have next to Find Match, where the map appears where we are going to play and the game mode, there we will select the 'SOLO' mode, or failing that, if it does not appear, we will select the 'DUO' mode. 

In this way what we ensure is that at most we will play with one more person, which greatly increases the chances of winning a game and add a good number of drinks to our profile.

In addition, the DUO and SOLO game mode is the popular 'Battle Royale', very Brawl Stars style, where we will have to exploit gifts to collect improvements in our statistics, level up and thus increase our chances of surviving.

The main characteristic of this game mode in Thetan Arena compared to Brawl Stars is that here we do not heal when we are damaged, We will have to collect external healing from the ground to be able to fill our life bar. This Battle Royale mode has seemed to us without a doubt the most fun of all the game modes currently in Thetan Arena.

Trick to win with a friend in DUO mode

To win the maximum games in the shortest possible time, the best strategy that has worked for us is play with a friend in DUO mode with a tank hero and a long range hero. In addition, if one of the two has healing as an ability, it is practically impossible to lose.

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