Have you ever found yourself short of lives, just when you are about to reach a new level? we will reveal the most guarded tricks to get unlimited lives in Home Landscapes.

How to get unlimited lives in Homescapes

The game presents us with a crucial resource: lives. However, these come with a restriction. If we fail in a puzzle, we lose lives in the game, which leads many players to look for ways to get infinite lives in Homescapes. Could this be a reality?

There have been some emerging tactics that seem to be effective, although not all players get the same results. Therefore, we are going to reveal a possible method to achieve unlimited lives in Homescapes, on both Android and iOS devices. This method should be compatible with both operating systems.

Getting unlimited lives in the game is quite simple. All you need to do is modify the date and time of your device, either Android or iOS. In this case, you need to advance the current date. So, if today is July 4, you can set July 5 as the current date on your device.

Also, you can consider adjusting the time, a few minutes ahead may be enough. Some players haven't changed the time and still got infinite lives, so this step isn't absolutely essential, but it could be beneficial.

Once you've set the date and time, close the game completely, then reopen it. With this done, you should already have infinite lives once you re-enter the game.

It may not work at first. A common reason for this is usually the date selected when making the change. So instead of using the next day, you can consider a future date, like a week or two from now. This way, when you re-enter Homescapes, these extra lives should appear.

An important point to consider is the need to return to the current date and time on your device. It might be wise to wait a bit before doing so, don't do it immediately after you see you got the lives. There have been times when the hours in the app have turned negative, so it's best to avoid it.

Get bombs

Bombs are a valuable resource in Homescapes, but to get them, we must break at least 4 tiles in the puzzles. We have several kinds of movements to achieve this. Next, we detail each type of movement that you can use:

  • Rainbow ball: This is generated by lining up five tiles. When activated, it transforms random tiles from the puzzle into the tile that was replaced, allowing you to remove them all.
  • Bomb: It arises from the combination of five tiles, and when it explodes, it destroys a radius of 2 squares around it.
  • Rocket: It is the result of lining up 4 tiles. When activated, it destroys an entire row, either vertical or horizontal.
  • Paper plane: It is created by matching four tiles in a square shape. When activated, it destroys the adjacent squares and a random additional one in the puzzle.

A valuable tip is to try to generate consecutive explosions, as this will activate additional bombs, allowing you to remove more tiles in a single move. This strategy will allow you to advance faster in the game.


In Homescapes, power-ups are an essential component. These allow us to remove a larger number of items in the game simultaneously. You can even combine the effects of different enhancers for even more impressive results. The combination possibilities are very varied.

The best way to find out how effective these combinations are is through experimentation. So you can find the combination that best suits your style of play and that you want to reuse. Some may wonder how to get these power-ups, but the answer is quite simple.

Power-ups in Homescapes are acquired as you progress through the story. You must complete the levels of the game, as the rewards you receive for beating each level often include power-ups. Therefore, you need to put in your best efforts to get these rewards.

When to use power-ups

Although there are numerous combinations, it is crucial to choose the precise moment to use the power-ups. In this way, we will maximize its usefulness and achieve the impact we seek. There are two key situations to use them.

Before starting: Placing explosives before starting a puzzle is an effective strategy to progress quickly. However, this tactic is more efficient on puzzles we've already solved, since on new puzzles it could result in a waste of buffs.

During the game: Some power-ups can be activated at any time. If you think they will help you pass the level, feel free to use them. However, make sure that they will really help you, otherwise you will be wasting them.


In Homescapes, coins have several purposes. You can use them to upgrade the mansion's furniture or decorations, as well as to acquire extra lives, moves, or power-ups. Therefore, it is important to manage them wisely.

Generally, it is advisable to spend the coins on power-ups, since these will they will be useful in the game and will allow you to progress faster in certain sections. On the other hand, the purchase of extra moves is only recommended if you are having difficulties to advance in a level; otherwise it may be unnecessary.

The same applies to buying lives. You shouldn't spend coins to buy lives as you can get them for free in the game. In this way, you could save your coins to purchase power-ups, which will be of great help in the progress of the game.

How to get coins

There are different strategies to collect coins in Homescapes. At the end of a level, you will always receive coins as a reward. In general, you will earn 50 coins, although this amount can increase if you have extra moves. However, advancing through the levels is not the only way to accumulate coins.


Austin's quests don't reward directly, but completing specific ones will trigger an event that will award you with coins. Normally, some character in Homescapes will inform you when this happens. You just have to attend to the message. On these occasions, usually they will give you 500 coins or more, a consideration gratuity.


Another option to acquire coins in Homescapes is to watch video ads. For every ad you see, you will receive 100 coins, which is a nice reward. Although the number of ads available may be limited, and it may not be an option that you resort to frequently. However, if you get the chance, don't hesitate to take it. It is a simple way to increase your coins.

Special objectives

As you progress and level up in Homescapes, the game will become more challenging. You will face various obstacles in the game:

Grass: By combining tiles located on the grass with those outside, you will be able to fulfill the first special objective, the one on the grass.

Chains: Tiles that are chained cannot be moved. To break the chains, you must use bombs or explosives, as well as align tiles free of chains.