Tricks to earn more with Bomb Crypto

In this text you will see some tricks to earn more with crypto bomb which is a game in which players manage a group of cyborg heroes programmed to search for BCOIN (the game's native cryptocurrency) and fight monsters. Just like in Axie Infinity, each hero is an NFT that has different stats, if you are lucky you can find bomb heroes with good stats to sell or upgrade to increase performance and combat skill.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and gamers who play play-to-earn jogo are already earning a lot of money from BombCrypto, a classic Bomberman-inspired game that pays cryptocurrency players for their in-game action, as well as than Axie Infinity and Star Atlas.

Here, we will not go into the details of the game in this post as we have posted a complete guide on Bomb Crypto that you can check here. Check out some tricks to earn more with Bomb Crypto to increase the profitability of the game and generate more income for the players.

Bomb Crypto (BCOIN) - Conheça o jogo Play to Earn
Learn tricks to earn more with Bomb Crypto

Tricks to earn more with Bomb Crypto: See the tips

1- The first tip is to make the most of the automatic Treasure Hunt mode. In this mode, users can send their 15 heroes together to search for BCOIN in automatic mode, without the player having to do anything, just leave the game open in a browser tab, activate the automatic mode and that's it.

However, as this requires power consumption, the advice is to open the computer to perform some task, leave a browser tab in the game, and in automatic mode, running in the background.

2- The cages are more and more resistant so if you can, instead of opening cages as soon as you find them, try to accumulate a minimum of 4 cages because normally when you accumulate more and open them at the same time, different heroes come out and sometimes even legendary .

3- Don't use weaker heroes to upgrade, but it's not worth it in the end. Use the heroes with more power to upgrade and this ends up generating more skill in them and thus impacts the daily profitability of the game. I can always fill the list with all 15 allowed heroes, and a weaker hero is better than upgrading a strong hero. So always complete your 15 heroes first, when you level up a hero do it with the strongest heroes.

Printscreen do game Bomb Crypto (BCOIN) in Treasure Hunt mode
Use the heroes with more power to upgrade and this ends up generating more skill in them and thus impacts the daily profitability of the game

Tricks to earn more with Bomb Crypto: attention on the platform

4- Always keep your strongest heroes working and use them to open chests. Don't use weak heroes on chests as it takes longer to open and consumes more energy. With stronger heroes, it is possible to open faster and earn more. The more you play and the more chests you destroy, the more BCOIN you earn, which you can then exchange for real money.

5- Do not let your heroes rest in the chest and then activate them. The heroes in the chest are useless in the game, as they are not working and are not regenerating energy. So the advice is: if you want your heroes to respawn, it is better to leave them unworked and not in the chest. Remember to leave a hero in the chest only after completing the 15 allowed heroes. Hero in the chest without completing 15, money is lost.

6- Due to the nature of the game, sometimes it takes a long time to get BCOINS. Therefore, players will find a way to earn more coins by opening Bomb Crypto on multiple screens, as this will allow players to earn more coins while playing the same amount of time.

When opening multiple screens of Bomb Crypto, the hurdle players will face is that Bomb Crypto limits the IP, so players cannot open more than the game limit (5 screens per IP). So one tip is to open 5 screens in each browser using a VPN. This can greatly increase profits.

7 – If the game 'crashes', don't let your heroes rest because often when the game server is oscillating, it 'crashes' your hero. So you think he is resting and regaining energy, but in reality he is stuck and does not work or regenerate. So if the server falters, leave the game open and put everyone to work until it runs out of power.

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