How to use Telegram without a phone number step by step

It is the main competitor of WhatsApp and it has plenty of reasons. Telegram has a number of features that provide a better user experience and are constantly putting WhatsApp in check. One of them is privacy, a really important section today. For this today we explain how to use telegram without phone number step by step.

The difference between WhatsApp and Telegram on the subject of user privacy is so great that in the latter you can configure the privacy of: phone number, last connected and online, forwarded messages, profile picture, calls and messages in groups.

Is it possible to register on Telegram without a phone number?

From now on we tell you that it is impossible to register on Telegram without a phone number, since the application asks you at the time of registration. In fact, this is so because this app uses your contact list to be able to show you which of them have Telegram and, therefore, with which ones you can start chatting.

What is relevant to note is that you can hide your phone number from other people. This will help you so that no one can find you in the application using only a personal number. This becomes more important if you are one of those who use Telegram for work, you do not want your co-workers or bosses to have your personal phone number at hand.

Also, you can create an alias or username in Telegram so that this is your identifier -and not your phone number-. This, in addition to being quite useful, is a complement or solution to hiding your phone number. Although of course, you can also hide your alias so that nobody finds you.

Use virtual numbers

As you have just read, the only condition that Telegram asks for to register is to have a telephone number. However, it does not specify what type of number. Therefore, you can use regular numbers and virtual phone numbers.

But what is this virtual number? well they exist applications or websites that allow you to have a virtual number which, in theory, does not belong to anyone. The only, but or conditional that these virtual numbers have, is that they do not receive and make calls. However, they work perfectly to get you a text message (SMS) for a few minutes.

This fits like a glove, since Telegram sends you a confirmation code to your phone number when you register in the application. So, if you don't have a number associated with a SIM card, this option of a virtual number can help you a lot. Also, if you never log out of Telegram, the app will never ask you for anything regarding your phone number associated with the account.



One of these tools to get virtual numbers is Twilio. this website allows you to create one or several phone numbers to receive an SMS. Although you cannot receive or make calls with this number, Twilio is the perfect tool for you to obtain a number and be able to register later on Telegram.

This service is temporary. Namely, the generated phone number will only be available for 3 minutes, so you must register quickly in Telegram so that this number created by Twilio does not expire.

How do you get this? Easy, sign up for free on Twilio and follow the steps that explain in detail its official Web site. There are also other tools that you can use to get a virtual number, some of these are: Hushed and Burner.

Create your username

Create your username on Telegram

La privacy on Telegram is something of their main virtues. This application allows you to protect yourself and take care of yourself from third parties who want to find you or use your phone number for some scam.

Hiding your phone number and creating a username is one of the best ways to ensure that no one contacts you using your personal number. To create your username in Telegram you just have to:

  • Press on Settings.
  • Click on Edit.
  • Click on Username.
  • Press on User.
  • write the name user you want.
  • Click on Ready.

In this way you will have created your own username with which you will be identified on Telegram.

Settings to hide your phone on Telegram

Having created your username in Telegram does not guarantee that you have hidden your phone number. In fact, if you don't hide your phone number, people will be able to find you through this and your username.

Then, the important thing here is that you personalize your privacy taking it to a level where only your contacts can see and find you by your phone number, or simply no one can see and find you by your phone number associated with the Telegram account.

Hide your phone number on Telegram from your smartphone

Hide your phone number on Telegram from your smartphone

To hide your phone number on Telegram from your mobile you just have to:

  • Press on Settings.
  • Click on Privacy & Security.
  • Click on Telephone.
  • In the section that says "who can see my number» click on Anyone.

In addition, we recommend that you have selected in Contacts the box that says "They can find me by my number«. This will prevent unknown third parties from contacting you using your phone number.

Hide your phone number on Telegram from your PC

Hide your phone number on Telegram from your PC

To hide your phone number on Telegram from your computer you just have to:

  • Press on Settings.
  • Click on Privacy & Security.
  • Click on Telephone.
  • In the section that says "who can see my number» click on Anyone.

recurring doubts

By providing so many options that WhatsApp does not offer, it is normal for questions to be generated that question the operation that Telegram offers. That is why below we leave you some of the most frequent.

Is it possible to use two or more Telegram accounts at the same time?

Register more than one account on Telegram

The answer is yes. Imagine that you have a Telegram account for personal use and another dedicated to work. There is no need to have two different mobiles, or to have one associated account on your mobile and the other on your PC. Both can coexist on the same smartphone. How is it done?

  • Press on Settings.
  • Press on Edit.
  • Click on Add another account.
  • Write the another phone number.
  • Place the Confirmation code sent.
  • Press on Ready.

Likewise, we recommend that you also hide your phone number on both accounts, this will increase the security of your account and protect you from third parties.

Can Telegram be used on two devices with the same number?

Telegram on two mobiles with the same phone number

This is another of the most common questions. The answer is yes. You can have a personal mobile and another dedicated to work and both can have the same Telegram account associated with a single telephone number.

On both mobiles you must have Telegram downloaded. If you already registered in one and have an active session, excellent. What you should do now is sign up for Telegram on your other mobile with the same number. East will send you an alert and a confirmation code to, effectively, verify that if you are the person who is trying to access your Telegram account on another mobile.

Once you have entered the confirmation number, you will have Telegram on two devices with the same number. The app records this as if you had multiple sessions open. This is a great advantage, since in WhatsApp you cannot have two mobiles associated with the same phone number.

By Hector Romero

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