Watch free online pay channels

Would you like to watch all the TV channels and you can't afford to pay the subscription fees to the main streaming platforms?

In today's article we present the best platforms to watch the best television channels in Spanish for free.

We are going to review the best websites, but if you are interested in specific content, we recommend you visit:

Summary and main points:

  • There are some reliable websites to watch TV channels in Spain but they do not broadcast pay channels.
  • There are many websites where you can watch paid content for free but they are not recommended websites, because the connection may fail or have dubious reliability.
  • Currently the best method to watch free pay channels online without the risk of viruses is through IPTV.

How to watch free pay TV channels in Spain

Now, if you care about your safety, and about complying with the law, you'll be happy to know that there are websites that allow you to watch free pay TV channels in Spain. Next, we will show you some of the options with which you can enjoy your favorite television programs, starting with:



In first place we place for being one of the best pages to find what to see on the Internet. Since, as its name indicates, this online platform allows you to find various online channels where you can watch pay TV for free.

In addition to this, it has various sections that we invite you to explore, one of them is its calendar or television programming. There, you can see the times when each program will start. In addition, it allows you to find the legal websites to enjoy their content; whether you are live or you want to see material hosted on the server.

2. PlutoTV

Pluto TV to watch free pay channels

On the other hand, we have Pluto TV, which is a company that offers streaming services and much more. Since the users of the platform will be able to enjoy more than 40 channels from Spain, and more than 100 from the United States. Not to mention that it is a registered company based in Los Angeles, USA.

Therefore, it is not only a legal alternative to consider, it is also, without a doubt, one of the best options in terms of variety and even levels of advertising; in that sense they are also the best, because they have few advertising banners on your website. In order to guarantee an unparalleled user experience.


See pay channels on

If you are looking for an option that guarantees a greater variety, you may be the best alternative for you. Since it has a extensive list of pay TV programs and channels that you can see totally free.

The best thing about this platform is that you can find content classified by types and categories, they even have an area for the little ones in the home; as well as specials, sports, among others. Without a doubt, It is one of the best pages to see free and legal payment channels in Spain.

4. Without HDTV

NoTVHD It is a little-known platform, but it is not wasted, offers high-quality content, that allows you to access the programming of your favorite channels such as FOX, TNT, Disney Channel or Cartoon Network among others.

On this platform you can also find lesser-known channels but with interesting content and above all, in high quality.


TVWEB360 allows you to enjoy free television channels in more than 20 languages, its simple and intuitive style allows you to filter by language and country among more than the 800 free channels offered by this website.

If we have to highlight something about this platform, it is that its links are directly from Dailymotion or even from YouTube.


Photocall TV It is an interesting proposal to watch free TV channels, no installation required and contrary to what we are used to in other similar pages It doesn't have much publicity.

Its intuitive design allows you to navigate between content offers. On your landing page you find many spanish channels (national and regional) to enjoy the best content for free.

7. Antenna 3 TV

How will you see later, This channel also has an application to enjoy your favorite programs.

On the page Antena 3, you can see all its programs for free and in HD. It has all the details taken care of and an optimized and intuitive interface, so you will have no excuse to enjoy the content it offers you.

8. MiTele

From My TV you can access all free Mediaset content (Telecinco, Cuatro, Boing, Divinity, Be Mad and Energy among others) Its operation is simple and you have a wide catalog of series, movies and training programs.

The negative point of this page is that has advertising.

9. TELEONLINE.ORG allows you to enjoy a wide variety of channels completely free of charge, What surprises us the most is that it does not have advertising and its interface is very simple, which allows us to find the content we are looking for quickly.

This page is postulated to be one of the best to enjoy the best television channels from any device.

10. en another interesting option to watch free television online. This page has an intuitive interface that will allow you to find the channel you are looking for among the wide range of national and international channels that the platform offers.

Within its offer you can find cable, satellite and ADSL television channels.

Among its channels we can find EuroSport and Marca TV for sports lovers.

11. Teleme

With Teleme you can enjoy the best channels from around the world: United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, most Latin American countries and of course, all Spanish channels.

Its clear and simple menu will allow you to find the channel you are looking for, filtering by country and category.


En TuTelevisionOnline you can find more than 2000 channels from around the world and best of all is that you can access them in a free and simple way. This page may redirect you to other in order to offer you high quality content.

 Also, if you don't know what to see, you can access the daily programming grid where you can know what content is on each channel at all times.


Rlaxx TV is a page that allows you to watch live channels, but in which you can also you can find content on demand. It has a series of exclusive channels that you can only see through this platform, among which stand out: True Crime, Garage TV, Clásicos, Surfing... Navigating through it is very simple and most importantly They don't burden us with advertising.

It is a recommended platform for those looking for specific content about nature, crimes and classic cinema.


streemea It is a good platform to watch the best national and international channels. It may not have the most modern interface of all those that appear on this list, but it is very intuitive and practical.

In addition to TV channels, you can also listen to the radio, take a look at all its offer and check all the channels that this platform offers you for free.

15. It is a legal alternative to watch the best movies in a 100% legal way. This platform shows you all the titles available on Wikimedia, Vimeo, Youtube...

In it, you can find copyright-free movies or those known as abandonmovies or abandonware (term that defines those old films whose period of exploitation has expired)

Its design is simple and allows you to access all the information about the film: genre, cast, synopsis...


TDTChannels te allows free access to the best TV channels national and international, but also you can listen to your favorite radio station. This tool is based on an open source and collaborative database (github)

It is a legal and safe way to watch any television channel just by clicking "Watch online"

17. Pipes

With Pipes You will have access to a large selection of series and movies. It is a good option to access thousands of hours of entertainment in one way totally free. The only downside we can put on this page is that you will need to bypass the location through a VPN, since at the moment, this page is only available in the United States.


Crackle is another page that requires of using a VPN to access your content, since its access is restricted in Latin America and Spain. It's a platform created by Sony, In it you can find titles in many languages, such as in Spanish. during playback Ads will appear with recommendations according to your searches.

19. TV Argentina HD

If you like to watch Argentine television programs, Argentinian HD TV It will make it easier for you to find the links to watch your favorite channels, all for free and HD.

Its design is very simple and you will be able to navigate through it in a simple and intuitive way. The only problem with this website is its domain, which tends to change frequently.

20. The Bull TV

The Bull Tv It's a page Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days that allows you to see series and movies for free. In addition, you will be able to see all its programs based mainly on sport, economy and politics. It is a good option to enjoy quality content from your smartphone or your computer.

21. My TV Online

MyTeleOnline es the best option to enjoy content in Spanish, despite not being a well known page has content for all tastes: series, movies, children's content... You can also watch the grill with its programming. It has a good player and acceptable loading times.

How to watch free pay TV channels in Spain that are not recommended

In the list of options to watch pay TV channels, you may not be able to find the desired channel, series or movie. For this reason, we bring some alternatives that we invite you to consider, but that are not fully recommended due to having had copyright problems. Even so, This does not prevent them from being just as good as the aforementioned websites..

1. Movieflix


As its name indicates, in pelisflix you can find movies, especially from Netflix. So if you are looking for paid channels to watch new Netflix content, it is possible that on this website you can find the latest releases of the streaming platform; both series and movies.

However, it is in the group of websites to watch paid content for free because it is almost a replica of the giant Netflix. Therefore, we invite you to reconsider this option before entering.

2. Yidium

View paid channels and streaming platforms from Yidio

Another alternative that you can take into account to watch pay TV online for free is Yidio. It is a web page where you can subscribe and enjoy content found on movie listings and streaming platforms of payment.

Also has high levels of security and always take user privacy into account; they do not usually share data with third parties. However, in the case of being an EU resident, Yidio explains that some pre-selected companies can access certain information to improve ads and offer personalized content.

3. Cave


Cuevana is a website that upload content to private servers from pay channels and streaming platforms. For this reason, it falls into the group of those not recommended, especially in Spain, since from there, they have tried to close access to this portal due to copyright issues.

However, it has an extensive catalog of movies and content. from Cuevana, you can enjoy premium and high-quality content, in different languages ​​and resolution qualities. In addition, it has multiple sections, so that you can more easily find what you are looking for; if this is not enough, you can also type the name of the desired program in its search bar.


OV Guide

To finish the TOP of the non-recommended we have OV Guide, which is an alternative It will allow you to find websites where you can watch paid channels for free and online. This means that it will be like a search library for you, whether it is to find movies, series or television programs. Therefore, you can find both official and pirate (unofficial) sources.

Once you have entered OVGuide you will simply have to search for what you want, click and you will be redirected to a totally different website where you can enjoy the content offered by payment channels; with the difference that now it will be free, and from the Internet.

How to watch free pay TV channels on Smart TV

Watching free paid TV channels on a Smart TV is possible, and for this you will be happy to know that you have 2 methods. Below, we explain how they work and what you should do to start enjoying paid content through your smart TV using the Internet as a key tool.

1. Install a player

This method is can apply if your Smart TV has an application store in which you can install the multimedia content player. Otherwise, we suggest you opt for the alternative below.

Now, if fortunately you can download the VLC player from the app store on your TV, you will only have to do the following to enjoy free pay channels online on your Smart TV.

  1. Install the mentioned app.
  2. Now search and choose a web page where you can see free pay channels from those mentioned above.
  3. Play the desired multimedia content or program. And ready!

2. Apps to watch pay TV

To use this method you also need the app store; all Smart TVs have it, so make sure you look for it well if you can't find it. Since, sometimes, it can be confused with another app.

Now, to find free applications with which you can watch pay TV, you will only need enter the app store and search among many of the available alternatives.

Apps to watch pay TV for free

In the last method that we explain, which consists of watching pay TV for free from your Smart TV, we suggest that you can download apps to enjoy this content. However, if you are wondering what options are available to you, we recommend you consider the following, as also, you will have them available on your smartphone; in case you want to download them to distract yourself at another time that you are not in front of the TV.

1.You TV Player

You TV Player

In this first place we have You TV Player, which stands out for being an app that you can easily download, since has a weight that does not exceed 50 MB. In addition, it is also ranked number one for having a wide variety of television programs and pay channels that you can watch for free from the community of your smartphone.

Its interface is quite intuitive, and you will be able to know every detail about the free application in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, it also has a series of other functions, such as the fact that it can be used as a video player. Not to mention that it also has an excellent language filter and an excellent content search engine.



In this application you will be able to find a large number of programs and content that you could only see on paid channels. However, the main difference from the above is that mobdra es totally free and you can easily download it to your smartphone.

You should know that it has a large amount of content, especially from streaming; sporting events, TV channels, among many others. With this app to watch paid programs online for free, you will enjoy many channels from Spain, as well as content from other countries, in the original or translated language. It is, without a doubt, one of the best options to consider from the top, since it also has little advertising.



One option you can also consider is MXL-IPTV. It is an application with which you will be able to watch paid channels for free live or retransmissions of them. Also, you may find it in the Play Store; although otherwise you can always access Google and search for an APK.

It should be noted that they have a extensive list of programs from Spain, as well as, with very common channels in the EU region. This, to mention one of the notorious benefits, since, among its most outstanding characteristics, is the fact that they constantly add more content to satisfy each of their users.

4.LiveNet TV

Live Net TV app

If you are looking for an application that, in addition to having a wide list of free pay channels that you can enjoy from home, Live Net TV may be an option. Since, with this application, to download to your Android you will not only enjoy your favorite content, but also you will have the option to increase the definition of each transmission.

However, unlike some apps mentioned, to get Live Net TV you will have to search for the APK on the developer's official website. Since, this not available in android app store. If you would like to try it, you can access the official website by doing click here. It should be noted that this app has been thoroughly evaluated to assure users that it does not include viruses or malware.

5. Atresmedia Player

Atresmedia Player

With Atresmedia Player, you will have more options to discover in the app; one of them is that allows you to download the content in MP4 format to share or enjoy later.

In addition to this, it stands out for having a list of national and international series, which also includes all kinds of movies and television programs that you will find on pay channels in Spain; with the main difference, that now it will be free and online, so you can enjoy this entertainment content whenever you want.

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Devices to watch free pay TV channels

Now, if for some reason you don't have a smartphone or PC where you can download apps or view websites, we tell you that you still have one last option that you can try. In addition, you will not require a smart TV or Smart TV either. Simply, you will have to acquire a piece of equipment known as Kodi, and then we will tell you how it works.

Watch Pay TV with Kodi

When we mention Kodi, we do so because with this equipment you can turn your conventional TV into a Smart TV; as long as it has an HDMI input to connect the Kodi TV BOX to.

Basically with a team Kodi you will be able to watch pay channels from the Internet, since it also offers you the possibility of surfing the net; as well as open streaming applications, download apps from an included store or even video games. That's it, it would be the last option to consider, because it requires an investment in the equipment that you will configure with the TV.

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