How to watch Formula 1 Online Free Live in Spain and LATAM

Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated events every year is Formula 1 and against all the difficulties generated by the pandemic, it was possible to give the starting signal last March. In this post we will give you all the details so you don't miss any F1 race online and for free.

Best sites to watch Formula 1 online from Spain

Whether paid or free, the choice is up to each one of us, because surely your pay TV package will also give you the option to enjoy F1 both on the channel, on the web or in the applications for your mobile devices or smartTV.

We are going to take a tour of the best web pages where you can enjoy the competitions, wherever you are, and most free! Choose the one you want and then tell us about the experience.

Watch F1 online with DAZN

Dazn is already being recognized as the number 1 platform in the world of sports. Title won by seizing supremacy in boxing, now it has also become the new home of F1.

To access the transmissions of the F1 races online it is necessary to subscribe to Dazn paying a monthly fee €9,99. Dazn offers you the first free month so you can decide if it is what you are looking for in a sports platform.

One of the advantages of Dazn is that it gives you the possibility to watch F1 online and live from any of your tablet, mobile, computer or Smart TV devices.

See F1 online with Movistar +

Movistar+ had the exclusive transmission rights for Formula 1 until last year. They are now owned by Dazn. However, don't worry if you are a Movistar+ subscriber, we have good news for you: Dazn and the telephone company have signed an agreement so that you can follow F1 on Movistar + according to the package you have contracted.

This is how Movistar Formula 1 disappears from channel 57 and DAZN F1 is born, which broadcasts through channel 58 24 hours a day, in high definition. Movistar will also enable up to four signals, for complete coverage of each race in real time and you can also enjoy analysis and news in Spanish.

If you are a subscriber to Fusion Package Movistar+, you can additionally hire the individual "Motor" package to watch Formula 1. The cost is €7 per month. 

TV channels where to watch Formula 1 from Spain

As we mentioned earlier, Dazn and Movistar agreed to broadcast F1 through the telephone. This alliance is advantageous for those who have contracted Movistar packages, but not for those who do not have them, cannot afford to pay a monthly subscription, or simply do not wish to contract it.

Antena 3

It is linked to Antena Deportes and offers updated calendars, recent news, interviews and the Pole Position. If you need to review information about previous championships, Antena 3 has a news library. 

Unfortunately, Antena 3 already does not have the broadcast rights to F1 but is still an excellent source of information at your fingertips on their website.


It only broadcasts free-to-air races. With a real-time calendar that you can find on the web portal of Eurosport, you will be able to follow the results, the classification and the latest news from F1

In addition, you can find videos with the highlights of F1. To enjoy this channel, you will need a satellite dish.


The Spanish Television, TVE, was in negotiations for a long time to broadcast some races of the 2021 F1 season openly. On its web portal you can find updated information on the agreements it has reached and news about possible open races on RTVE. 

The hope is that TVE or some private channel gets the rights to broadcast a race openly and live.

TV Access

With this platform you can watch the races online, including the pole position, interviews, previews and statistics. Analysis, news and much more of this exciting sport.

tv access it is quite convenient. It gives the option to save the races that interest you the most and see them again as many times as you want. In Spain, the subscription is immediate 


Formula 1 live and free. tv sports very little advertising passes, it has a stable signal and excellent transmission with good definition. 


verliga It is a Spanish streaming website that offers the transmission of a variety of Sports events. It is one of the platforms with more time online. We recommend you check the schedule and access Verliga and from there the channel where the race will be broadcast.

How to watch Formula 1 online for free from Latin America

If you are worried about where to watch Formula 1 from Latin America, the ESPN and STAR Channel networks will broadcast all the events in 2021. After almost 30 years, the FOX network changed its name to Star Channel.

In the case of Formula 1, as happened in 2020, Formula 1 will be broadcast both by ESPN as for the new channel Star Action which is the replacement for Fox Premium Action.

Watch F1 online with ESPN

The best known and traditional television channel ESPN and ESPN+, always broadcast the most relevant sporting events, including F1. They are also narrated in Spanish or English.

Using a VPN

With a VPN or Virtual Private Network, you can watch Formula 1 for free and legally. You can take advantage of the VPN and “choose your location”. In this way, you will be able to access Internet television from other countries that broadcast F1 for free and openly, as if you were in those countries.

How to watch Formula 1 online for free from the rest of the world

F1 is one of the most popular sports in the world. It could be said that it is a sporting event of international interest like the Olympics. Many channels, not just sports channels, compete for exclusivity and the best transmission of the most anticipated races, on the most beautiful and hard-to-beat circuits.

Not all of these channels broadcast the entire championship, but they buy the rights for certain races. If the channels in your country will not broadcast the race you are interested in, for example in the UK with a VPN indicating that you are in that location, you will be able to see all the races that they broadcast in that country.

Here we leave you the channels that broadcast F1 around the world and the language of the transmission:

  • ABC: Puerto Rico, United States / English and Spanish
  • CCTV-5: China Chinese / Mandarin
  • Channel 4: UK and Ireland / English
  • Guangdong Sports: Chinese / Cantonese
  • Idman TV: Azerbaijani / Azerbaijani
  • Irib: Varzesh, Iran / Persian
  • Match TV: Russia / Russian
  • MBC: Middle East, Iran/Arabic/Persian
  • Network Ten: Australia / English
  • RTSH Sport: Albanian / Albanian
  • SPTV: Croatia / Croatian
  • TF1: France / French
  • TMC: France / French
  • Viasat 4: Norway / Norwegian

Watch F1 online with Autosport

Some users and followers of F1 think that Motorsport is one of the best car racing exclusive web platforms. It is very dynamic, news, videos, statistics, forums and chats where you can interact with other fans.


It is one of the best options you have. skysports It shows you live races, video highlights, schedules, news, sentiment analysis and much more.

Applications to watch Formula 1 online for free from your Smart TV

Fans of high-speed sport like to always be connected to the action and have all the information on F1, wherever they are.

Applications, app, are an excellent alternative. You will take the action of F1 wherever you go and share it with your friends. You just need to install it on your mobile devices. Next we will talk about the different apps to watch Formula 1 online.


acestream is another free app. Install it on your Smartphone and you will be able to watch paid channels or IPTV, totally free. Once installed, you can use its search bar to browse available F1 channels.


Kodi It is multiplatform that you can use with different operating systems, both mobile and computer. Download and install the app on all your devices. It has a list and access to different channels, by kodi you just have to search, those that broadcast F1 openly and for free.

The only "complication" is that Kodi is an IPTV service and can only be accessed through a local network operator, based on Internet Protocol IP, 

TV Sports

It is an application to keep up to date with the latest developments in F1 racing. It is not possible to see the competitions, but it is possible to know results, calendars, news, competitions and much more. 

With TV Sports You can access a complete guide of the F1 programs and races that are broadcast live on Spanish television, with the schedules and channels.

Yip TV

yip-tv te offers 60 channels with Spanish, American and Latin programming to watch online, F1 and other sports. It is available in English and Spanish. This channel is paid, but you have the opportunity to enjoy the trial period and watch different channels for free! before you decide to subscribe.

You can use it to watch live television, from its channel or from its mobile application.

Best Apps to watch Formula 1 online from your Smartphone

There are so many mobile applications available both in the Play Store and in the App Store, that sometimes we do not know which one to choose, however we must be careful and make sure that the one we are going to install on our mobile is the official one or authorized. Some Apps confuse us, they seem very real and put our personal data at risk

Try these mobile applications, they broadcast live, some are free and legal to use.

  • Live Sports HDTV. To watch F1 online, free live. You do not need to subscribe, just have a high-speed Internet connection or 3G mobile data.
  • Sports TV League. It is an excellent option to watch F1 online and for free
  • ESPN has its own application that gives you complete coverage of F1, online live and free.
  • DAZN It allows you to access from your mobile, tablet, PC and Smart TV. This option is paid, as indicated above, the subscription is priced at €9,99 per month.
  • Aztec Sports is the application to install on Android devices from where you can watch the F1 races.

Pages not recommended to watch Formula 1 online

Below we indicate the least recommended pages to watch Formula 1 online, since the quality is poor and they usually have many ads:

Watch F1 with Cricfree TV

the best way to see Cricfree TV, is through the Ace Stream Media APP. It is one of the best apps to watch F1 streams online. The page is in English but it's really worth it for image quality and transmission stability,

Watch F1 with Sports Online

On the web Sports Online you can enjoy check which channels broadcast F1 live giving you the links to connect quickly. It also has a calendar of all the meetings. 

Watch F1 with Elite Gol TV

Elite Goal uses different links that redirect you, through links to the servers of other legal streaming services and that they are authorized to broadcast F1 races. 

Watch F1 with First Row Sports 

First Row Sports It is a fairly simple page to use and it is only to broadcast live various sports disciplines. The video quality is not very good but it represents an option while you find another way to watch F1 online. Its streaming is quite stable although you should have a good Internet speed. 

The design of the page is in english, but it is very easy to understand. Nor do you have a calendar, you will have to be prepared with the calendar of another platform so that you enter the web at the moment just before the start of the race.

The House of Tikitaka TV

tikitaka tv gives access to different sports channels you will also get the competition calendars always updated and programs about interviews and everything related to F1.

Live Stream

This broadcast service in high quality works with different websites. You can watch F1 races live. Throughout the Grand Prix you will be able to see the interviews, pole position and much more, totally free.


With excellent image and sound resolution, transmission without interruptions. Live TV is recognized as one of the best platforms to watch different sports disciplines. It does not transmit much publicity and it is also a very well organized page with an easy-to-understand interface.

LiveTV It has a program of sporting events throughout the year and F1 could not be the exception. It has a sports news channel. Its streaming quality is among the best. 

Mama HD 

Mama HD is one of the best options you will find to watch F1 online for free. Its interface is extremely simple, easy to navigate, features that make it one of the most recommended. They don't spend a lot of advertising and by paying for the service you can choose HD for an amazing definition of streaming.

Pirlo TV

If you want to see some European Grand Prix in particular, this is the best option. Pirlo TV It will show you the different channels that are going to broadcast online and live, and you can also choose links in the language you want, including Spanish.


Redstream It's a sports streaming, one of the most visited. The sports disciplines available to watch are very well organized and it is very easy to find what you are looking for in high definition and free with an active signal 24 hours a day. It broadcasts in English but also has a Spanish version: Redstream Sports Online.

Redstream Sports Online

Redstream Sports Online is the Spanish version of Redstream. On this website you can watch free online boxing with excellent quality and good definition. In Redstream Sports Online you can sometimes find events that you will not find in the English version of the page and vice versa. 

Stream 2 Watch

Highly recommended by users to watch F1 online for free, this page is in English as well as the comments, there is not much advertising, it is a very simple website and only for transmission of the sporting event. It has good stability, streaming quality and excellent definition.

On its main page Stream 2 watch You can see the programming guide with the broadcast schedules of the events.

Sport Lemon

This web enabled only when major sporting events are broadcast and shows different links to link to the channels and streaming where the competitions will be broadcasting. The only disadvantage is that Sport Lemon broadcasts in English just as its commentators are English-speaking.

It is an excellent platform for you to enjoy F1 online, live and totally free and with excellent quality. You just have to enter the site from your browser. Search the list of events and click on the link where the race is being broadcast and immediately connected. It has a calendar of races.

From Hot/Sport Category 

From Hot or Sport Category, is Sport Lemon's sister, if you can't connect with one, you can always access the other, with the same streaming quality.

The Dream VR

This option is something you never expected, totally different. F1 joins virtual reality to take you to live a unique experience. This VR and 360º app is available for mobile phones and Smart TVs. It is a free application but take into account that you must have virtual reality glasses. 

Can you imagine being part of your favorite team? Among the options that this virtual reality offers you are to feel the emotion of the start, go around the track, celebrate on the podium and even feel part of the engineering team and the mechanics in the pits. 


TV-Pro has worldwide streaming service so it broadcasts in several languages ​​such as German, Spanish, French or English. Here you can even see the GPS of the cars that are on the circuit, map and more information about the GP. The platform has at your disposal 20 cameras of the pilots, you can decide which of them to follow.

All these applications are available for Android and iOS devices and, in addition, for the Amazon and Apple TV platforms.

sports zone

It is one of the favorites to watch sports online. sports zone It is easy to use, it has the programming and a search engine to find out what sports are available and without the obligation to subscribe to the website. 

F1 2021 calendar and schedules

This year 2021, despite COVID19 and the quarantine, 23 races were confirmed for the F1 season that began in Bahrain and will end in Abu Dhabi during the first half of December.

However, the Chinese GP was reserved for the second half of the year and it has not yet been confirmed if it will take place.

F1 drivers competing in 2021

The last to confirm his participation was the Asturian Fernando Alonso. We thought that he would not race this year but to the delight of all F1 fans and of course all Spaniards, he confirmed that he would return to the tracks this year. The drivers and teams confirmed for F1 2021:

  • Antonio Giovinazzi / Kimi Raikkonen. Alfa Romeo.
  • Charles Leclerc / Carlos Sainz, Ferrari.
  • Esteban Ocon / Fernando Alonso. Renault.
  • Lance Stroll / Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin.
  • Lando Norris/Daniel Ricciardo. McLaren.
  • Max Verstappen / Sergio Perez. RedBull.
  • Mick Schumacher / Nikita Mazepin. HAAS.
  • Nicholas Latifi / George Russell. Williams.
  • Pierre Gasley / Yuki Tsunoda. Alphatauri.
  • Valtteri Bottas / Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes.

How can you realize? there are multiple websites, applications and platforms that we can use To watch the best of F1 online, what we need to do is make sure we are not tempted to access illegal websites or streams. Better let's keep going the recommendations of this post and avoid falling into illicit practices.

We hope that this information is useful and that you enjoy the thrill of high speed with us. Leave your opinions and recommendations in the comments to better watch F1 online.

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