Watch MotoGP Live Online Free: From Spain and LATAM

Every year, the dilemma of how and where we can see MotoGP live, has become something very easy and is available to everyone, thanks to the number of online media that tend to broadcast the Motorcycle World Championship

Of course, the ideal thing for a biker is to be able to enjoy the World Cup by MotoGP in situ from the circuit itself.

Surely you are looking for possibilities to watch the races of MotoGP free online in 2021, without paying a subscription and without having to put up with broadcast cuts, which tend to make you miss out on the most interesting and exciting moments of the race. 

Watch MotoGP live for free from Spain

Watch MotoGP online with DAZN

In Spain, the only payment alternative to be able to enjoy the Motorcycle World Championship is the platform DAZN, which has the exclusive rights. This platform is presented as one of the best alternatives to consider and should not be overlooked. Being of British origin, this streaming broadcast operator broadcasts live all the sporting events held in Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Austria and Japan. 

It is very similar to Sky and Netflix and has a price of €4,99 per month, something really very accessible to any pocket, which will allow you to enjoy the MotoGP in a very easy and comfortable way. It is worth mentioning that one of the great advantages that it offers you DAZN is that it offers you a 30-day free trial period. For which you will need to register and add a valid payment method. 

There is also the possibility that soon you will be able to start enjoying open competitions totally free. This thanks to the various agreements that this platform is reaching with sites like Vodafone or Skyso you have to watch out for that. Likewise, this platform currently has all the rights in 2021 for the retransmission of the races of MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. In fact, for a few years it has had the rights to the entire world. It is worth mentioning that in addition to motorcycles, you can watch other sports, such as international soccer, golf and boxing, among others. 

However, this 2021, with the appearance in Spain of DAZN at a price of €4,99 per month, you should possibly consider whether it is not worth paying a small amount, in exchange for having the peace of mind of being able to enjoy the races of the MotoGP World Championship, without getting to miss any of its especially that this year you have the possibility of seeing the F1.  

In this post we will explain in various ways that there are so you can see everything Online Motorcycle World Championship Online Motorcycle World Championship and totally free. And not just racing MotoGP, but also the World Cup Moto2 and Moto3

MotoGP Video Pass

VideoPass is the service to enjoy MotoGP that has the organization of the championship. This service works only online and allows you to see MotoGP online live, deferred, on demand, accessing the videos of each of the races that have already taken place. 

Through MotoGP Video Pass you have the opportunity to see all the championship races of MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and the new MotoE category. All in excellent quality, in HD at 1080p. We must emphasize that its cost is very high, €139,99 each season. 

Watch MotoGP online from PC with IPTV

Our IPTV lists They offer you the option of being able to access almost any international and paid channel to watch movies, series and sports, among others. It has been difficult to find an application that allows you to use them easily on the PC, but we have found one.

We talk about VLC, free and open source media player, which has been created by VideoLAN. It is completely free and can be downloaded for Windows and to iOS. Through it, you can enjoy movies in different formats, as well as listen to your favorite music. In addition, you have the opportunity to be able to see using some IPTV lists, all television channels in the world. And of course see BT Sports 2, thus enjoying the races of MotoGP Free online. 

Once you have gotten to know how to use the IPTV lists in your program VLC, the only thing left for you to do to be able to enjoy MotoGP online free, is to load the list and search in the box of the VLC located in the upper right, the channel that retransmits them, that is, BT Sports 2 and if the list is updated you will be able to start watching your motorcycle races in a very comfortable way on your PC.

Watch MotoGP Online from your smartphone

Through your Smartphone or Tablet you can also follow the races of MotoGP. Next, we tell you which are the best applications to do it and enjoy the moto gp racing comfortably from your mobile. 


Today there is an application for your Android, which is giving very good results. Through this app you can enjoy a varied number of international television and sports channels. Finding among them the retransmission of the MotoGP World Championship live and completely free. LiveNetTV It can be installed on the Tablet or mobile, accepting all the permissions that Google asks you for. This is a totally secure application.

It can be used with all kinds of video players that you can have on your mobile. Now, in case you do not have one installed, it is recommended to download the Video player. This rarely gets to create problems in addition to being fully compatible with CHROMECAST and the FireTvStick Amazon so you can see the MotoGP World Championship live and free on your mobile or tablet. 


This app is available for Android y iPhone. With it you can use IPTV lists, which you must previously download to your Tablet or mobile, since it only works with URLs ending in M3U, which you must have downloaded to your terminal. One of the advantages of this app is that you can share all the content on your television CHROMECAST and the FireTvStick Amazon or any other Mirrorlink system.


This is another application with the same style as the one mentioned above, which uses banks of streaming channels. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy some racing MotoGP online for free, even when sometimes there are interruptions and outages. However, it is a good option to be able to watch motorcycle races online when you are away from home. Similarly, it can be used with CHROMECAST and the FireTvStick Amazon

Watch MotoGP online for free from Latin America with a VPN

VPNs tend to encrypt your network traffic, thus allowing you to connect from servers that are secure from anywhere in the world. Thus preventing your Internet browsing from being observed by Internet service providers or hackers. This is how this gives you the opportunity to connect to television channels from other countries that transmit MotoGP online for free and you can watch the races for free, without cuts and live. 

We have found for you NordVPN, a VPN server that tends to do very well, and offers a 72% discount on its two-year plan. So for a subscription of €2,97 per month you can watch the races for free, as well as enjoy the many advantages of browsing with a VPN, risk-free and protected. Using this VPN is very easy, all you have to do is start your subscription, download the executable and choose the server from anywhere in the world that you want to connect to. 

In just a few seconds your IP changes and you start surfing the internet with an IP from the country you have chosen to connect to, so you will have full access to all the streaming services that are exclusive if you are connected from that country. Including the channels on which it is broadcast MotoGP live and free. It is worth mentioning that, if you are not convinced, you have a trial month and your money is returned.

We think that for this price it is worth it, not only for enjoying your favorite sports for free, but for the security you have when browsing protected. We think you should take advantage of this offer and subscribe to NordVPN. But if this VPN not to your liking, there are others that tend to work quite well, like ExpressVPN, Speedify y VPNUnlimited, among other. Now, right now MotoGP You can enjoy it for free, connecting to the server of each country through the following channels:    

  • Connect to the SWITZERLAND server: RSI A2
  • Connect to THAILAND server: PPTV/MotoGP
  • Connect to the INDONESIA server: video
  • Connect to the AUSTRALIA server: TenPlay

Pages not recommended to watch MotoGP

This is what we all want and seek, to be able to see moto gp online, totally free and live. But how?. Well, then we will give you several ways to do it, which do not fail and so you can see this 2021 the races of MotoGP, free and live, however they are not recommended pages due to the number of ads they include

Enjoy MotoGP races This can be done on your PC or laptop through various websites. Actually, every day we can find fewer sites that work properly and allow us to watch the MotoGP championship in streaming and live with excellent quality. However, we have achieved a page that seems to us the best option. 

FSL-The Homer of Sport 

Is FSL – The Home of Sports Streams, we have tested it and it has worked very well to be able to enjoy the races of moto gp online, free and live. In the same way that all other websites that offer streaming do, this one allows you to connect to many pay television channels that are foreign. From which practically all the sports competitions of greatest interest are broadcast, among which we can mention those of MotoGP, Moto and Moto3

BT Sports 2

Now, because it offers the possibility of having many channels, the most important thing is to get the channel that retransmits the MotoGP World Championship online for free this 2021. In fact, the television channel that is broadcasting this year MotoGP for the UK and English-speaking countries and where DAZN does not operate, it is BtSport 2. This is how, this is the channel that you have to look for to be able to connect through the web or through any other site that may work for you to see MotoGP free online in this 2021. 

This site that we have presented to you and that so far is working very well, will allow you to watch all the races in streaming. The BtSports 2 It generally has four different options for access. We recommend you try first with the option marked as HD, in case it doesn't work for you, try the other three. Always, depending on your internet connection, there will be one that works better. 

It may happen that you have a connection cut, so you will have to re-establish your connection. You can start your connection with some kind of popup ad block, or Adblock, but if you notice that with this activated it does not work (which is very likely), deactivate it. Let them load the ad pages and when you have established your connection and you are enjoying the races of the MotoGP World Championship, close all advertising pages that have been opened.  

Yes now FSL – The Home of Sports Streams, it does not work for you, you can then try the websites that we mention below. They are all very similar at the advertising level, but it is recommended that you open them in incognito mode or with an Adblock, and if that doesn't work, let your browser open them in not secure mode.

Other pages NOT recommended to watch MotoGP online for free

We do not recommend these pages to watch MotoGP as they have an excessive degree of advertising.


Live sports streaming service crickfree is ready, with the best live events, with free broadcasts.


Sign in buffstreams reddit., for live sports streaming in high definition with the best Moto GP events


Sign in netpopflix to enjoy live TV online for free. All the best events are broadcast here.


With Stream2watch Player, you can watch the MotoGP broadcast at home or on the go, with customizable videos featuring a multi-language audio option ensuring a live stream like no other.


Clearly wiziwig is a great site in the world of sports streaming, with the best schedules and transmissions for all kinds of sports.


With SportStream, watch live sports streaming online. Live, with SportStream HD free online to enjoy all sporting events


En homeland has a free sports streaming website, with rugby, baseball, Moto GP and hockey streaming.


For the best live coverage of your favorite sports, just go to SPORT365.LIVE and dedicate yourself to enjoying its excellent transmission.

When and how can you see MotoGP in 2021? Calendar and schedules

Next, we present the calendar and schedules to enjoy the MotoGP, either from your computer or mobile device (Android or iPhone).

DateGrand PrixCircuitTime Spain MadridTV
26-28 marQatar Grand Prixlosail19:00h.(DAZN)
2-4 aprDoha Grand Prixlosail19:00h.(DAZN)
16-18 aprPortuguese Grand PrixAlgarve14:00h.(DAZN)
30 Apr – 2 MayRed Bull Grand Prix of SpainJerez Circuit14:00h.(DAZN)
May 14-16SHARK Helmets Grand Prix of FranceLe Mans14:00h.(DAZN)
May 28-30Oakley Italian Grand PrixMugello14:00h.(DAZN)
June 4-6Monster Energy Grand Prix of CataloniaCircuit of Barcelona15:00h.(DAZN)
June 18-20Liqui Moly Motorrad German Grand PrixSachsenring14:00h.(DAZN)
June 25-27Motul TT AssenTT Circuit Assen14:00h.(DAZN)
9-11 JulFinnish Grand PrixKymiRing14:00h.(DAZN)
13-15 AugAustrian Motorcycle Grand PrixRed Bull Ring14:00h.(DAZN)
27-29 AugBritish Grand PrixSilverstone14:00h.(DAZN)
10-12 SepGran Premio de AragónMotorLand Aragon14:00h.(DAZN)
17-19 SepOcto Grand Prix of San Marino and Rimini RivieraThe fight14:00h.(DAZN)
Oct 1-3Japanese Motul Grand PrixTwin Ring Motegi08:00h.(DAZN)
Oct 8-10OR Thailand Grand PrixChang International Circuit10:00h.(DAZN)
Oct 22-24Australian Grand PrixPhillip Island06:00h.(DAZN)
Oct 29-31Malaysian Grand PrixSepang International Circuit07:00h.(DAZN)
12-14 NovMotul Grand Prix of the Valencian CommunityRicardo Tormo14:00h.(DAZN)
PendingGrand Prize of the Argentine RepublicRio Hondo hot springsPending(DAZN)
PendingGrand Prix of the AmericasCircuit of the AmericasPending(DAZN)
BookIndonesian Grand PrixMandalikaPending(DAZN)

TV channels where you can watch MotoGP for free internationally

AustraliaNetwork TenEnglishNoLiveLive
AustriaServus TVGermanNoLiveLive
BelgiumRTBF (La Une/La Deux)FrenchNoNoLive
ChinaGuangdong TelevisionChinoNoLiveLive
IndonesiaShemale 7EnglishNoDeferredLive
Italy TV8ItalianNoLive/ DeferredLive/ Deferred
JapanNippon TVJapaneseNoNoLive/Deferred
LiechtensteinSRG SSRGerman, French and ItalianNoLiveLive
The NetherlandsONGOINGDutchNoNoLive/ Highlights
San Marino TV8ItalianNoLive/ DeferredLive/ Deferred
SwitzerlandSRG SSRGerman, French and ItalianNoLiveLive

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