Watch the NFL Live Online Free: From Spain and LATAM

The programming of the National Football League matches remained unchanged during this pandemic year, achieving what other sports could not. Fans were able to enjoy all the NFL matches live, broadcast on different channels that we want to talk to you about in this installment.

Obeying the biosecurity measures, during the games of the National Football League, this year there were no cheerleaders or mascots. In fact, the attendance of the fans to the stadiums was restricted, gaining popularity various online platforms to enjoy each match of the NFL teams.

If you are a fan of American football, then we will tell you where you can watch this spectacular sport live, online and direct.

Best websites to watch NFL live free from Spain and Latin America

Pluto TV 

The NFL and Pluto TV they allied for the creation of the NFL Channel, to transmit replays of the NFL with the advantage that it is free and does not require you to register on the web.

Pluto TV is a streaming service from where you can watch various channels TV, movies, events, and sports. The downside is that it is only available in the United States and to connect from other countries you need a VPN service.

Official Website:


Stadium Allows you to see select NFL games for free and live, plus a host of additional sporting events and much more. It is only available in the United States, so you will need a subscription to a VPN provider. The transmission quality is excellent, the image is high definition.

Official Website:

ustream tv

The Ustream TV streaming service is a paid subscription, but it gives you access to some live matches at no cost, during a trial month. The broadcasts of the matches are made by the users of the platform

To search for available live NFL games, first access the platform and then do the following step by step:

  1. You go to the “'Explore” option 
  2. Then you click on “Categories”
  3. You choose “Sports” 
  4. The options of matches that are being broadcast will be displayed.
  5. Click on the one you want to see. Ready!

It can be used on any digital device, it does not have many ads and it is very well organized, which makes it easy to find the category you want to see. The disadvantage is that it does not have many channels that broadcast the NFL, nor does it have a game schedule.

Official Website:

Vaughn LiveTV

Through the Vaughn Live TV web portal you can watch free television channels, some of them broadcast live NFL games. obviously here you won't be able to watch the super bowl whose transmission is exclusively for payment channels. 

Vaughn Live It also has a channel in Spanish. The complicated thing at first is to locate which channels are sports; You must search through the entire list because they are not classified, but once you locate them it is a piece of cake.

The quality is quite good, but remember that it is a website and everything depends on the speed of the internet and any factors that influence the transmission.

Official Website:

William Hill

Willian Hill is a streaming that allows you to watch the NFL live for free; but the background is that it is not a sports channel but a virtual betting center. This is limiting because when the NFL season moves towards the finals, the site forces you to bet before watching the games.

Official Website:


7Plus is an Australian service that broadcasts two complete Sunday games totally free. If your VPN service provider does not have servers in the land of kangaroos, you will have to choose one that does.

As you can see on some websites you can watch the NFL live as long as certain conditions are met. Nevertheless may vary each season depending on the agreements reached by the parties. The important thing is to be sure that we will obtain the service we want, safely and responsibly.

Before contracting any paid media, we have to make sure that we can see all the games and that the transmissions are of quality.

Official Website:


The streaming platform, allows you to access the NFL live and direct, with an excellent image and is free and when you register as a user you will start generating bonuses. If you manage to generate 10 euros, you could win up to 100 bonuses for free bets. 

It also has a catalog with the schedules of each NFL game. It is a totally legal and secure portal registered with the corresponding television and virtual entities.

Official Website:

NFL Website

The official website of the National Football League online has the payment option: nfl gamepass, where you enjoy the whole season live in addition to other services such as:

  • Content download.
  • Documentaries
  • The best of all the games of the season. 
  • NFL Originals and shows.
  • News
  • Movies about American football.
  • NFL Network rebroadcast.
  • Full game replays.

NFL Game Pass has three plans per season:

  1. Free: You can sign up on the web for access to the NFL Network, highlights and select programming from the NFL Original studio. 
  1. Essential: You'll be able to enjoy NFL RedZone, NFL Network, plus highlights highlights and all original NFL content. Price $55.99
  1. PRO. The best! It allows you to access all the meetings live and on demand. The price is high at $128.99, but it's worth it if you're a loyal fan of the sport.

The NFL currently has a fabulous gift for fans: Sign up for the NFL live website and you can watch last season's games with no obligation to pay.


It was previously known as DirecTV Now, the AT&T TV Now includes ESPN programming so you can enjoy the Sunday Night Football. It allows you to watch NFL live and direct without advertising content. You can access from any computer or mobile device and does not have free service.


Bwin is another of the platforms of a paid nature to watch NFL games live. It offers special bonuses to users of 200 euros if you register for the first time. Signing up is simple and easy to manage. In its programming you will see that it offers a large number of live programs, with little advertising and good image quality.

Provides reviews of NFL games and you will need 10 euros to access the live content of each broadcast.


The web portal of Hulu-TV, allows you to watch the NFL online and access to content from ESPN, NBC, CBS and Fox. You just have to register to enjoy their services, of course you will have to pay a monthly payment. It is a fairly friendly page, with a quality image, safe and with little advertising. 

NFL Sunday TicketTV

This is a service of DIREC TV to access its content online. This service is available in the United States and the conditions vary depending on the chosen package.

If you have DirecTV and you have contracted a package that includes channels authorized by the NFL, you do not need to pay anything additional.

Sling TV

This chain has two service packages: Sling Orange and Sling Blue. It allows you to watch NFL online, accessing sports channels authorized by the League such as ESPN, NFL Network and RedZone Channel through its platform. Usually you have two.

Sling TV It does not have free packages, but the monthly rates are not so high and are within the reach of the majority of the public. It can also be used from any digital device.

TV channels to watch the NFL live

Several sports channels have signed agreements with the NFL to broadcast the games live. Here we leave you a list with their links to download the applications of each one.

Fox Sports

For NFL fans, cable channel subscribers Fox Sports, they do not need to make additional payments to enjoy the entire League season, including the Super Bowl live, since It is included in the contracted package.. Similarly you can watch them through the channel's website or through the Fox application for your mobile devices.


The chain ESPN and ESPN+ has also signed agreements with the NFL to broadcast the football season, so if you have contracted these channels in your pay TV package, you will not have to pay anything additional to watch the matches live. You can also enjoy them through the web portal and the ESPN app for your mobile devices and Smart TV.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports it is a paid channel that you can enjoy online or through a cable or satellite TV provider. Its content is very varied, like any other TV channel, and it allows you to watch the NFL live, without additional costs. You can download the application for your mobile devices and smart TV from Google Play for Android or iOS.

NBC Sports

Belonging to the pay TV network NBC, it has been one of the traditional channels for watching NFL games live, also through the web portal of NBC Sports and the app you can download from Google Play.

Sky Sports

It is an online channel dedicated to sports in all its disciplines which has been authorized by the NFL to broadcast games, news, videos and programs. You can enter the portal Sky Sports and enjoy free content in news and programming, summary of the day. to enjoy the matches live, NFL Game Pass subscription required.

You can also watch this channel through its app SkyMobile that you can download from the web portal or Google Play.

It is recommended to be a subscriber to a private channel authorized by the NFL to watch the matches live and avoid pirate websites.

Official NFL App 

The NFL App You can download it from Google Play and it is compatible with the following devices and operating systems:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV.
  • Apple TV.
  • PlayStation 4
  • Roku
  • Mobile phones and tablets with Android system.
  • Mobile phones and tablets with iOS system.
  • Xbox One

We suggest that, before installing any suspicious app, you make sure which are the official NFL and paid channels authorized to broadcast the games. Don't fall for applications of dubious origin that could put your personal data at risk, or be scammed. Network security is the responsibility of all of us.

How to watch the NFL in Spain?

The NFL can be seen in Spain through the Movistar and NFL Game Pass, for which you have to pay a subscription plan for enjoy games throughout the season, including the exciting and highly anticipated Super Bowl.

Social Media

La National Football League, saw in social networks an opportunity to expand to everyone and reinforce engagement with their fans. This is how he began to sign alliances with the RR.SS. most popular noting great success and gaining more followers.

Moreover, social networks also saw an increase in the number of users registered, increasing their advertising appeal as well as their income.


Since 2017, Twitter started live streaming some NFL games, as a new way to watch American football online, from anywhere in the world. 

Twitter won broadcast rights to live NFL games after participating in a contest together with the communication giants Amazon, Facebook, Verizon and Yahoo. 


Facebook was not far behind and launched sports stadium where to follow the NFL games. 


Snapchat signed agreement with the NFL to broadcast exclusive images and videos of some parties, although not the full games who publishes in his "live stories" piqued the interest of fans and non-fans alike, profiling the network as the sports channel of the new generation.

NFL seasons

The NFL season is divided into four phases: 

Regular Season. From September to December. Games are played on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights. At the end of the season games are played on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Postseason or Play Offs. It consists of four days where the six best teams face each other.

Pro Bowl. End of the season that is played one week before the Super Bowl. 

Super Bowl. The grand finale of the American football party where the greats of the NFL face each other; It takes place in February and is followed by millions of people throughout the planet.

The next season will start in September 2021 and the teams are already preparing to give us the greatest sporting spectacle in the United States, with all the necessary care to protect the health of those who will be present at the event. If this past season was possible, the next one will surely be even better.

American football has been played in the United States for more than a hundred years and is a variant of rugby English, The National Football League is the body that controls this sport which is a favorite in America and has gained a worldwide following. If you are one of the fans, get ready! In person or online, there is NFL for a while.

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