Watch movies online many times it is usually a somewhat difficult task, and that is, finding a website where you can enjoy a transmission without interruptions is a bit complicated. Today, we leave you a list of the most recommended pages and those that are not so good for this. 

If you want to watch free movies online, you should know that there are different options on the Internet, however, not all of them work in the same way. That is why, today we leave you the most recommended websites so that you can enjoy all your favorite movies without problems.


The first option in which you can watch any movie online and for free is RTVE PLAY. And, in case you want to download them, you can do it easily, but if you want to download offline you need to register.

On this platform you can find titles that you will not see elsewhere, its large catalog allows you to discover the best movies of the moment. Includes programming of European and Spanish cinema, summer specials, among others.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV It is one of the best platforms because it allows you to watch the movies directly from the channel they are being broadcast on, therefore the chances of interruptions are reduced. 

The best thing is that you do not need to register because it has different important titles, as well as popular ones that you may not see on any other page. 

    YouTube and Legally Free

YouTube and Legally Free It is one of the best-known platforms on the entire Internet, and it is that, in addition to watching videos, you can also find many of your favorite movies legally. 

It has a variety of movies so you can be entertained with each of the genres and classics. In addition, it allows you to select the type of quality you want, and orders the entire catalog available on the website.

    Rakuten TV

Rakuten TVOriginally, it is known as a platform where you need to rent the account to enjoy the best movies. However, you can also watch some for free, with the only detail being that a lot of ads appear.


eFilm, is a platform that includes a large catalog where you can find different movies, from the classics to the newest animations.


Despite that tivify It is known as a platform where you must make payments to enjoy all its programming. It also has some free ones, with which you will even see the latest movies that have been released.


plex tv, is a platform in which many movies are included, where, in addition, you can see ads and some subtitles in English. 


If you are a fan of Japanese comics, surely you have already heard about this platform, and it is that, Crunchyroll It is the number one to see your favorite animes. In addition, to have series too some movies are available for you to enjoy with your friends.

In addition, it has a paid version that frees you from all the advertising that normally appears. 

Websites not recommended to watch free movies online

In the same way that there are websites that allow you to watch different movies over the Internet and that are highly recommended by users, there are also others that, according to the comments, are not usually the most advisable.

    Full HD

Full HD is a page where you can see all the movies in Spanish you want, without having to create an account. From the moment you enter, you can find the programming taking into account the genre, year of release, and also the country in which it was created. 


GoMovies offers all users a wide variety of movies, but also of series, and, many of these can be found, even, in HD. The interface of this platform is in English, and this is an important aspect for many users, because for those who do not have knowledge of it, it will be a problem., it is a simple platform to search, and also, it is an option when you want to find a movie. However, the problem it presents is that all its titles are in Spanish, something that is a disadvantage for many people who prefer to watch the movies in their original language and add subtitles., is a page that works perfectly to find the best movies online. The movies that you can watch are in HD quality, and also, in different languages, therefore, for many users it is considered one of the best. However, it depends on the expectations of each one.

    Look at all

Look at all It is another of the platforms, which, for many, is not usually one of the most recommended, however, you can find different movies, and it is completely free of any spam, which means that there are no major inconveniences.

Repel, is one of the pages that has a variety of movies, with good quality, and is made up of the most recent titles from around the world. In addition, you can see all the programming most searched for by users.


With FMovies you can find different movies from the oldest to the newest, however, the language to see them is English. This is often a problem because not all users speak and understand this language., is another of the pages that is available to watch different movies in English. And, all the content you find is in HD quality., is a platform that allows you to watch movies over the Internet, and, in addition, you can also download them to watch them at any other time, even when you do not have an Internet connection.

Through You can enjoy different high-quality movies, and very varied. You can get with different languages ​​from the original to the most classic, or recent releases. 


MoviesPedia, is one of the best-known platforms in the world, and you can find movies with the original language or subtitles. 


Cuevana It is a platform of Argentine origin where you can watch many movies in their original language, or using subtitles. 


En PelisOnline you find a wide variety of movies in excellent quality, the only problem is that they are all in spanish. And, perhaps for this reason, it is that for many users it is not usually one of the most recommended. 


Sensation offers different movies in Spanish, from the newest to the oldest, its disadvantage is that a lot of advertising appears, and for this reason, its use is not recommended. 


MoviesPlus It is a page where you can watch different movies for free and in Spanish. On this platform you will find all kinds of titles including even those from the Marvel Universe.


With this page of MoviesFreeHD you can enjoy different movies without having to create an account, and the best thing is that you find them in different languages. 


On this platform of CinemaQuality You will see two sections where you can search for the ''favourites'': ''most viewed'' In addition, you find a special classification in which only Marvel Studios movies are.


Platform MegaDeDe It is one of the best known, and is made up of two large pages PlusDede and PorDede. All you have to do is register and create an account to enjoy all the movies.

    Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an application that you must download to your phone, and thus, have the opportunity to watch movies for free over the Internet, and without the need to register. The best thing is that it has different categories so you can enjoy the best titles in history. 


Popcornflix is another of the applications available for mobile devices, which in addition to offering movies to all users, also has video content.


Most of the movies you can watch on this platform known as XMovies8, They are recently released, in addition, the quality with which they are offered is very high.


You can watch as many movies as you want with high quality, and for free. All the content you can enjoy in FMovies It is constantly updated so that you can enjoy the best programming.

By Michel