Watch Tennis Live Online Free: From Spain and LATAM

Tennis, one of the sports with the most followers who do not want to miss a single match. If you are one of the fans, you have to read this post where we will give you all the information you need to see all tennis tournaments and Grand Slams from Spain and Latin America Take note!

We will take you on a tour of the best media and channels where you can enjoy the tournaments, wherever you are. Best of all, some websites broadcast the tournaments for free and with excellent definition.

Watch tennis online live from Spain

Whether paid or free, the choice is yours. If you have a pay TV package, you surely have the option of specialized sports channels such as on the web and official applications to enjoy tennis tournaments from Spain.

Recommended site: DAZN

Dazn is already being recognized as one of the best platforms in the world of sports where you can watch live and direct tournaments tennis of the ATP 250, Australian Open, Roland Garros, US Open, WTA and Challengers.

Dazn is not a free website, it is necessary to subscribe by paying a monthly fee of €9,99. However, it gives you the first month for you to explore and enjoy its content and decide if it is what you are looking for in a sports website.

We advance you: If you decide to subscribe to Dazn, you will have many additional benefits as watch tennis tournaments live from any of your devices mobile, tablet, computer or Smart TV, through its App.

Movistar +

Both on TV and on the web platform of Movistar + you can follow various tournaments including Grand Slam: Australian Open, Roland Garros, US Open and Wimbledon. Remember that if you are a subscribed user of the telephone company, make sure that your package includes sports channels and you do not have to pay any additional.


On the web portal of Eurosport can see  three of the Grand Slams: the Australia Open, Roland Garros and the US Open live. It is a highly dynamic platform in high definition and fast loading. It has a calendar of tournaments, interviews, news and videos of the highlights of this sport. 

Eurosport Player 

One of the best options to watch the next Australian Open 2022 live from any device. Eurosport Player it is a paid channel. The price of the subscription is €3,99 per month, if you make a one-year contract or €39.99 if you pay for the full year.

This online platform also includes, Own content and multi-camera so you can enjoy the tournaments from various angles. Other benefits is that you can access from any device: PC, smartphones, tablets and Smart TV

Watch tennis online live from Latin America

As in Spain, in Latin America it is possible watch tennis tournaments on sports channels such as ESPN or FoxSports, paid subscription offered by some well-known companies such as Directv, Claro TV, super cable, to mention some of the best known. 

All these pay TV services also provide the possibility of accessing their web pages and applications to closely follow the maximum automobile championship. 

Apart from the previously recommended websites to which Latin America has few restrictions; There are cases like Eurosport which if you try to enter from Latin America, asks you for a VPN number.

VPNs are figures that tell the servers where you are trying to access the platform from. If it is restricted to Latin American countries, you will have to buy a VPN corresponding to the web server you want to enter and indicate that you are in the country where the platform is hosted.

In this manner you will be able to connect to television and internet channels that broadcast live tennis tournaments as if you really lived in the country where the match is taking place

One of the most used VPNs in Latin America is NordVPN. This server works very quickly and the price is quite affordable at €2,97 per month. You can enter the channels of other countries, where they will broadcast the tournaments and Grand Slams, legally and safely.

Other VPNs that you can explore, to compare coverage and prices: ExpressVPN, and VPNUnlimited, among others. 

Below we indicate other pages that offer streaming service available from the main Latin American countries:


It is the only platform where you can see the most important tournaments of the year and the  grand slams, except the US Open. Bet365 It is an online betting house. To access live streaming, you only need to have a registered account with a minimum balance of 5 euros. 

The image and sound quality is excellent and they have applications so you can watch the tournaments from any mobile device.


Tennis TV is a streaming service dedicated to live and direct transmission only of tennis tournaments of the ATP. Through its web platform you can see more than 60 tournaments of the circuit. 

It is a paid subscription online TV that you can contract for a month for $14,99, a year for $119,99, or buy passes for the tournaments in which you are interested. 


Teledeporte the sports space of RTVE gives you the option to watch live, direct and totally free the tennis tournaments that take place in Spain such as the ATP 500 in Barcelona, ​​the Masters 1000 in Madrid, the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup.

sports zone

It is one of the favorites to watch sports online. sports zone It's easy to use, it has a sports calendar, a search engine, chat with all the fans, it's free, and you don't have to subscribe to the website. You also have the links to sports TV channels such as ESPN or FoxSport.


LiveTV With programming of sporting events throughout the year including some tennis tournaments. It has excellent image resolution, sound and seamless streaming with little advertising. 

It has a sports news channel. The excellent streaming quality is among the best. It is also easy to navigate, with a well-organized menu. It has a calendar and results board. 


The best known and traditional subscription television network ESPN and ESPN+, broadcasts almost all tournaments including the most important ones: the Grand Slams, with comments in Spanish or English. These channels, specialized in sports are part of pay TV plans offered by some companies that provide the service. What's more It has web and applications for mobile devices

Yip TV

yip-tv te offers 60 channels with Spanish, American and Latin programming from where you can enjoy watching tennis tournaments live. You can choose the language in English or Spanish. This channel is paid, but if you are interested in knowing what it offers you in sports content, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the one-month trial period totally free.


Tennis live and free. tv sports, it has a stable signal and good definition and does not pass much publicity. This platform also allows you to link with other sports channels where the event you are looking for is taking place.


verliga is a Spanish sports streaming website that offers the transmission of a variety of Sports events. From this website you can link to the channel where the tennis tournaments will be broadcast.

Sport Plus

Sport Plus It is considered the platform with the greatest coverage of live tennis broadcasts. Here without registering, you have the option of see all the tournaments of the ATP, WTA, ITF and Challengers, in all categories live, without advertising and Free! It also gives you the option to join their bookmaker.

Using a VPN

In these cases we can use a VPN or Virtual Private Network, where can we watch the big tennis tournaments and the best players, for free and legally. The VPN allows us to “choose location”. In this way, it is possible to access Internet television from other countries for free and open.

Best Apps to watch Tennis online from your mobile

Play Store and App Store offer a variety of mobile applications to watch live tennis, that sometimes we do not know which one to choose, even more so when we do not know if they are legal, here we must be careful, investigate and make sure that the one we are going to install is the official one. Some Apps can confuse us and put at risk our privacy and personal data

All these applications are available for iOS and Android operating systems. The following list of mobile applications are legal and broadcast live.

  • DAZN app, allows access from your mobile devices, plus you can install them on your computer and on the Smart TV. It is included in the subscription to the DAZN platform and is priced at €9,99 per month.
  • ESPN has its own application available to all its subscribers for free where you can see all the tennis tournaments, online live.
  • Sports TV League. This application is free, you can install it on your mobile to watch tennis online with excellent definition.
  • Live Sports HDTV. To watch tennis online, free live without obligation to subscribe to the web channel. It is enough that you have high-speed Internet or 3G mobile data.
  • TVPro. This app is a service world streaming which transmits in several languages ​​such as German, Spanish, French or English.
  • Eurosport Player. With its application you can access from any device PC, smartphones, tablets and Smart TV.  
  • yiptv besides counting with Live TV also offers a totally free mobile application when you subscribe to their channel.

TV channels that broadcast the Tennis Grand Slams

Not all channels broadcast tennis tournaments In its whole, but they buy the transmission rights of the most important. Now, if you are interested in seeing something that takes place in another country and is not available in yours, there are ways to work around it.

Certain TV channels do not allow us to connect from other countries. But they broadcast tennis tournaments, especially the Grand Slams that we are very interested in, as is the case in the UK, you can only access if you are in that country.

The only way will be through a satellite dish or through the web of each channel through the buy a VPN where you indicate that you are located in the country where the meeting will take place.

Here is the list of channels that broadcast tennis matches around the world and the language of the broadcast:

ABCUnited StatesPuerto Rico Spanish English  
CCTV-5China chinese / mandarin
Channel 4 UK and Ireland English

Guangdong Sports
TVAzerbaiyán Azerbaijani
iribVarzesh, Iranlost
TV matchRussiaRussian
MBC Middle East, IranArabic/Persian
Network TenAustraliaEnglish
RTSH SportsAlbaniaalbano
TMCFrance French
Viasat 4Norway Norwegian

Sites NOT recommended to watch tennis matches

Many pages and applications offer us watch tennis tournaments, live and totally free. But when accessing the site we encountered a number of problems that we did not expect such as too many advertisements, request for bank details, computer viruses, pop-up pages, poor signal quality and stop counting.

The same goes for apps for mobile devices as we mentioned earlier. It is vital to ensure that they are real and fulfill what they offer.

Researching on social networks and other sports content platforms and also talking with sports fans on the web we were able to compile a list of pages not recommended to follow this sport.


acestream It is a streaming service, its video and sound quality is very good. It is not an exclusively sports channel and they stand out in the movies. Some games can be seen on the recordings, but not live, and there is a lot of publicity going on.


One of the most used applications in Spain through its mobile devices, but It is not recommended because it exposes the IP of the users during its use.


This is a free app able to connect your PC or mobile into a TV receiver. You can link from the platform to some channels for free, download, copy and distribute freely. The problem is that sometimes you can find protected content and your IP fully exposed.


Kodi it is cross-platform. It can be used with different operating systems, both mobile and computer. It has access to different channels through an open source service that allows you to watch some matches for free. 


This application can be used on Android or iOS, it can be used on mobile phones and Smart TVs.


To watch tennis for free and live, this application is available for iOS and Android devices. However, most of this content is broadcasts that could take you to restricted places.

First Row Sports 

First Row Sports is quite simple to use, it is exclusive sports content, but the video quality is not very good and you need to have high-speed internet. 

Cricfree TV

Cricfree TV can be seen from the Ace Stream Media APP. It is excellent for watching tennis matches. It has good image quality and transmission stability. The problem? just transmit English en

Elite Goal TV

Elite Goal uses different links that redirect you, to legal streaming servers and authorized to broadcast some tournaments. But they only broadcast in English.

Stream 2 Watch

This platform is highly recommended by fans, On its main page of Stream 2 watch you can find the programming guide with the transmission schedules. It doesn't have a lot of ads and it's easy to navigate. The problem is that It only broadcasts in English.

Pirlo TV

Although It is one of the most used platforms to watch sports in SpainIn the case of tennis is not the best option. With Pirlo TV you can link only to the channels that are going to broadcast the tournaments that will be presented in open signal in Spain

Pirlo is quite slow to load, according to experts it is due to the large number of users due to the attractiveness of being totally free and in Spanish.

Mama HD 

Mama HD It is one of the best options to watch tennis online either for free or if you are encouraged to pay the subscription, its interface is easy to navigate, they do not spend much advertising and the paid service will give you a totally amazing definition of HD streaming.

Grand Slam schedule 2021-2022

This year 2021, despite COVID19 and quarantine, the dates of the tournaments have been maintained, always protecting the health of the athletes and all the personnel involved, respecting the biosecurity measures and without public in the stands. 

However, due to the very special situation we are going through, it is necessary to keep us informed through sports channels and platforms.

Below we indicate the dates of the next Grand Slams, the most important tournaments in world tennis, Let's hope there are no changes and we can witness the fight between Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer for being the best in the history of Tennis.

30 from August to 12 from September 2021U.S. OpenUnited States
November 25 to December 1, 2021Davis CupSpain, Turin, Innsbruck
 January 2 to 17, 2022Australian OpenAustralia
May 22 to June 5, 2022Roland GarrosFrance
June 27 to July 10, 2022WimbledonEngland

There are many options for websites, applications and platforms to see the best of tennis live; our recommendation is that you always opt for the official and authorized sites and Let's avoid falling into illicit practices by connecting to illegal websites that could be a way of contagion of malwares, computer viruses, in addition to leaving our personal data, totally exposed.

We hope that this information is useful and that you enjoy one of the most exciting sports, Tennis and its great players. Share this post and leave us your opinions.

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