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In this delivery We bring you a selection of the channels, the best official and authorized websites and apps to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship online, live with the best fights of this fantastic sport. Follow us to the end and take note; don't miss a single one of the encounters.

Watch UFC in the United States and Latin America live for free

The UFC has been signing alliances with some of the most recognized sports channels in Spain, Latin America and the United States to broadcast their events live, among which are:

Watch boxing online with Fox Sports 

It is a paid channel included in the packages of cable or satellite channels. Stream all UFC fights live and direct. Fox Sport is part of the Fox network that arrives in Spanish or English to the United States and Latin America.

Watch boxing online with ESPN and ESPN+

The chain ESPN, since 2019, has an agreement with the Ultimate Fighting Championship to broadcast certain matches on its channels. This 2021, ESPN still owns the rights and broadcasts some of the best fightsboth preliminary and final.

For being an American chain from Spain you can only access these TV channels, you have to use a VPN to subscribe to ESPN and ESPN+.

App to watch UFC fights on ESPN 

ESPN app streams UFC fights live; gives results in real time and you can also set an alarm that reminds you of the event that interests you. The ESPN App It is available for Android and for iOS.

If you are in Spain and want to watch the fights on your mobile, you can download the ESPN app from a VPN.

Advantages of watching UFC on TV:

  • If you have cable television, you do not have to pay any additional cost to watch the UFC fights.
    • The transmissions by cable TV channels are official, live and without interruptions.

Watch boxing online with UFC Fight Pass

UFC Fight Pass is the official website from Ultimate Fighting Championship. Through this platform, you can access all the fights live. You also have the possibility to see summaries, analyzes and access a special program of the best moments. It also has a wide catalog of videos with content broadcast to date.

Within the UFC Fight Pass platform you can find the Pay-per-view section where there are videos of fights and special programming for which you have to pay to see its content.

App to watch UFC Fight Pass fights

UFC Fight Pass is compatible with different systems operating and devices including Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Xbox, Smart TVs.

You can download the UFC Fight Pass app from Google Play or App Store, for Android and iOS respectively.

Watch boxing live from Spain for free

Watch boxing online with DAZN

DAZN es another of the platforms with which the UFC has reached agreements to stream some content, including Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.

dazin is not free, the subscription is €9,99 per month giving you the right to all sporting events, including those authorized by UFC Fight Pass. DAZN prices are competitive and in addition, in the first month it is free.

Best websites to rewatch the best boxing matches online

The best pages that recapitulate the best boxing fights are:


El official channel of the UFC you can watch some streaming with a pay-per-view option in high definition. In the same way you can see previous fights for free. 


This online platform offers all kinds of content related to mixed martial arts and, of course, the fights of the UFC. MMACore It offers you news, videos, interviews with the most popular fighters and the best fights of the last years of the UFC.

APPS to watch the UFC for free live from the Smartphone

Below we give you a list of other legal use apps, where you can also watch the UFC fights.

Wise Play

This application is not a content distributor, but it is about one of the best free media players. It is compatible with smartphones and TVs with Android operating system. With Wise Play you can watch the videos of the UFC.

Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC

The UFC is the largest mixed martial arts company in the world. Bring together the best fighters from different combat disciplines.

Among the disciplines that the UFC brings together in the MMA category are boxing, judo, jiu-jitsu, karate, kick boxing, wrestling, muay thai and taekwondo, among others.

UFC fights take place on Saturday nights. in United States time.

The UFC usually hosts two big events each month on the weekends, but when there's no special event schedule, we can enjoy the UFC Fight Nights.

Other very famous programs with many followers are The Ultimate Fighter Finale y Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series can be viewed with the UFC Fight Pass.

Pages to watch UFC not recommended

Watching the best fights of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC, live, is possible thanks to digital technology that takes them to you, no matter where you are, through online and live streaming offered by many web portals and mobile applications.

Next we are going to see some pages that are not recommended to watch the UFC because they have excessive advertising:

Wrestling Online Matches

On this platform you can see all kinds of content related to mixed martial arts and also videos of the best UFC fights of recent years. All the content of this website is available free of charge, in addition to Wrestling Online Matches gives you the option to see the most popular without having to search as much.


Fit TV It is a web platform that allows you to watch combat content on mobile or on your TV. You direct access to many fightsboth free and pay-per-view. It also gives you exclusive content related to the fight, such as interviews, movies and documentaries.

The advantage of Fite TV is that allows you to enjoy free content and pay only for what you are interested in seeing.

Live TV

though through Live TV you will not be able to access the live fights, it is a good way to keep up to date with what is happening in the world of the UFC and have at hand the calendar of the events and the programming of the combats.


En Ustream you can get the best of the UFC day and enjoy some exciting newly recorded events.

All Wrestling

The site All Wrestling it is enabled the same day that the event will be broadcast live, When accessing the page, look for the UFC section. This portal gives you 3 transmission options, you just choose the one that works best for you.

Sports area

Sports area has become one of the fan favorites of all sports, so the live broadcasts of the UFC could not be missing. In the programming grid you can see all the events, both live and in repetitions.

Cric Sports

The web portal of Cric Sports, allows you to link with more than ten channels authorized by the UFC. In addition, it has a programming guide with a calendar and hours of each event.

HQ Events

In the portal of HQ Events you can watch UFC live and in Spanish. The disadvantage is that the image does not have very good definition, although it is easier to access because it is less congested.

Pirlo TV

This It is a very popular Spanish page to watch the fights live y otros deportes. Pirlo TV broadcast content from other servers and share links from other UFC sports and fighting portals.

UFC 2021 Schedule

It has been the first sport to return during the coronavirus pandemic, more than anything to accompany MMA fans during quarantine giving them entertainment, without leaving home to protect themselves from possible contagion.

Here we give you the list of upcoming events that you should not miss:

Jul. 24 / UFC Fight Night / Sandhagen vs. Dillashaw

Aug. 7/ UFC 265 / TBD

Aug. 21/ UFC Fight Night / Cannonier vs. Gastelum

Sept. 4/ UFC 266 / TBD

Notably these bouts are not classified as official, but as exhibits and they are not reflected in the official career path of the fighters.

What does the number written next to UFC mean?

It is the number of meetings of the category, for example, let's see in the previously indicated calendar:

Aug. 7/ UFC 265 / TBD

Sept. 4/ UFC 266 / TBD

It is a way of keeping track of the most important events of the UFC. Secondary events have a different numbering.

This type of numbered events, due to their relevance, are held between 12 and 15 a year and they are issued only through pay channels.

We hope that all the information we have given you in this post will be useful to you. We only remind you that, it is always better to use official, authorized and recognized web portals and applications to avoid falling into illicit and protect our personal data.

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