YouTube is one of the best entertainment that currently exists, however, not all of its content is loved by users. For this reason, we leave you The 25 most hated videos on YouTube.

What are the most hated videos on YouTube?

When you enter YouTube, there is a lot of information that you can see through the videos, from tutorials, movies, music, interviews, trailers, among other things. And, in each of the contents to which you have access, there is the opportunity to vote if you liked it or not, even if one of the channels becomes your favorite you can also subscribe, and in this way, receive different notifications .

In addition, it is an application that includes many classifications to organize all the videos created from the beginnings of YouTube to the most current ones. There is also a classification of content with more "I like it", and the most hated of the app.

Between the 25 most hated videos on youtube Most of them are related to the musical area, this is perhaps one of the aspects that most attracts the attention of all Internet users who use the application. However, it does not mean that other topics cannot be found in this classification.

The classification of the most hated videos on YouTube can be a bit subjective, since it will depend strictly on the thoughts, tastes, preferences, and interests of the general public that consumes the content. Therefore, a video that may be very good for you may seem bad to someone else, for example.

Taking the above into account, it is time to mention the most hated videos on YouTube, according to the opinion of some users.

1) Baby ft. Justin Bieber's Ludacris

The song Baby ft. Ludacris is a song by Justin Bieber, its duration is 3:45 minutes. And so far has 6.04M dislikes, which makes it the number one most hated on all of YouTube.

Of course, it does not necessarily have to be the song, in this case it is specifically pointed to your video. Seems like for a large group of people, this one wasn't good enough.


2) Friday by Rebecca Black

Friday is the second most hated video according to user opinion, and its premiere date was 11 years ago. Throughout all this time it has a total of 166 million visits, and of which, 2.05M represent the people who didn't like it for nothing the content of only 3:48 minutes.


Aruan Felix uploaded a video called »‹ CORTANDO O BOTÃO DO YOUTUBE ›», and at 3:21 minutes, however, although for many people it may be one of the best, after 7 years and 27 million views, it was determined that , for 2.05 Million is not the favorite, and for this reason, it is located in third place.


The fourth video that is among the most hated, is »Gangnam Style by PSY, despite the fact that the song was a boom at the time, after 4.796 million views and 10 years, the 4:13 minute video is hated by 1.50 million users.

5) Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

Wrecking Ball is a song by Miley Cyrus with its own video, and it is already 9 years old within the application, it has 1.172 million views. However, it is not one of the favorites by users, for 1.29 million people it does not have the best content.

6) We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus 9 years ago also premiered the video for We Can't Stop with 3:42 minutes, and although for many she is a great artist with excellent hits, this was not one of those. With 1.172 Million views, she currently has 1.29 Million dislikes.

7) Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

Anaconda, is a 4:50 minute video released a few years ago, and currently has 1.100 million, however, there are also 1.15 million dislikes of users who, perhaps, do not think the same as their fans.

8) Strong by RPerry2012

Strong is a video released a couple of years ago, by a user who currently does not have a channel on YouTube, however, at that time there were a large number of people, specifically 832K, to whom the content of the video did not seem attractive.

9) Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj

Stuip Hoe is a video by Nicki Minaj officially released 11 years ago, and currently has 128 million views. But, despite this, there is also another group of users that does not share the opinion of many, and for 821K people it is not content that they would consume again.

10) Justin Bieber's Boyfriend

Boyfriend is another of Justin Bieber's hits, however, the opinions of his 3:31-minute video are not the same for 793K users who voted for the content of this video as one of the worst on YouTube.

11) My Moment by Rebecca

My Moment is a video by Rebecca Black released 11 years ago and has 42 million views, but also 713K dislikes, reflecting a group of people who didn't like its content.


12) Wheels On The Bus | Sing with Little Baby Bum – Nursey Rhymes for babies by LitlleBabyBum

It is a video that includes different children's songs, released on the application 8 years ago, and has 2.444 million views, but there are also 713 dislikes. Which means that a group of people do not think that it is a good content for children, or in general.

13) PSY's Gentleman M/V

10 years ago PSY released one of his »hits» heard and seen by more than 1.558 million people, known as Gentleman M/V. However, it has 695K dislikes, which means that, for some users, it is not one of the best.


Aruan Felix's video has been seen by more than 16 million people, this is a number that has been calculated for 7 years. But, not all users who see it think that its content is one of the best, because it has 663K dislikes.

15) Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj Justin Bieber

The video for Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj has been on YouTube for more than 10 years, and with 1.040 million views, she still becomes one of the most hated on this list. And, this is because 652K of users believe that it is not the best of the application.

16) Masha and The Bear from Get Movies

This content has been seen for more than 11 years by 4.554 million users, however, for many it is not one of the favorites, since there are 645K dislikes, which confirms the statistics.

17) Dark Horse ft. Juicy J by Katy Perry

Dark Horse is one of the hits most listened to by some users, and since its premiere 9 years ago, it has been seen by 3.156 million people. However, there are also 615K dislikes, which means that not everyone thinks the same.

18) GHOSTBUSTERS- Official Trailer from Sony Pictures Entertainment

The well-known Ghostbusters are one of the favorites for the public, and it is that after so long the fans finally expected their return.

In 7 years this has been confirmed with the 48 million views it has had, but since not everything is perfect, it is also a content that has 610K dislikes, therefore, there are users who do not enjoy this video.

19) Sorry (PURPOSE: The Movement) by Justin Bieber

Despite the fact that the Sorry video seems to be one of the best for all the views it has, 3.664 million to be exact, this is not the case. It is part of the most hated on YouTube because it has a total of 583K dislikes.


20) One Time by Justin Bieber

It is a Justin Bieber music video that has been on the app for more than 10 years, however, this does not guarantee that it is one of the best. It has 743 million views, but at the same time with 577K dislikes, for that reason it is on the list of the most hated videos on YouTube.

21) DELAÇÃO of Porta do Fundos

This is a video uploaded to the application by Porta do Fundos, it belongs to this list of the most hated on YouTube, because despite having 7.658.769 views, it also has 560K dislikes.

22) Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Shake It Off is one of Taylor Swift's videos that, for a group of people, does not usually have good content, and that is that its views are 3.288 million, however, it also has 522 dislikes.

23) What Do You Mean?

What Do You Mean is a video released 7 years ago, and it has 2.227 million views, but, for 508K users, this is one of the most hated on all of YouTube. There are no apparent reasons, the content is simply not the favorite for a part of the public.

24) All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

All About That Bass is a fun video, but it is one of the most hated videos on YouTube, and this is demonstrated by the 484K dislikes. Its premiere took place 8 years ago, and from that moment until now, it has 2.579 visits.

25) The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) by Discovery Plus Norge

It is a video published more than 9 years ago, and so far it has more than 1.112 million views. But this does not guarantee that it is one of the favorites, because there are also 472K dislikes.