Vinted or Wallapop

In the market for applications for buying and selling second-hand clothes, the predominant platforms are Vinted and Wallapop. Although both focus on the same business and share certain similarities, they also have clear differences.

In this opportunity, the distinctive characteristics of the two applications are shared, so that the reader decides which is better, Vinted or Wallapop.

Vinted or Wallapop, which offers greater security?

Although both platforms undertake developments to offer greater security and privacy to their users, they are always exposed to scammers and scammers. 

The two applications always warn of existing risks, and constantly remind their users that they must carry out all the steps of the transaction through the platform.

On Vinted, both buyers and sellers are guaranteed not to lose their money or their item, as long as the entire transaction is done through the app.

Shipments and payments made through Wallapop Protect, which are made through postal delivery, are guaranteed. Where Wallapop does not offer a guarantee is in physical transactions and cash payments.


What is traded through your Vinted platform It is 100% used clothing and its accessories. Vinted does not sell nor is it an online store. The purchase-sale management is carried out directly between registered users. 

Regular users of this application, Or they are people who have clothes at home in good condition that they do not wear and who have decided to sell them. and recover some of the money invested in it, or people with a limited budget and who do not mind buying clothes that are not new.

Via Vinted You can buy garments at a lower price than those that are sold as new online. In this purchase-sale relationship, both participants win. 

Advantages of selling and buying through Vinted 

The Vinted application is recognized for offering important advantages to its users. Among them are the following:

specialized app: Exclusively dedicated to buying and selling second-hand clothing and accessories, so that customers can only use this platform to negotiate textiles. 

Commissions: The use of Vinted is exempt from commissions. This means that the money from the sale will be received in its entirety by the seller.

there are no limits: A seller can put up for sale the number of items he wants. 

Geolocation: This option is not contemplated, since courier services are used for all deliveries.

Payment Methods: You can pay by credit or debit card, PayPal (trackable shipments only) and Apple Pay (if configured on the device). You cannot pay in cash and sellers can also pay using their Vinted balance. 

Shipping costs: They depend on the contracted delivery service (minimum 2,50 euros).

Messenger Service: The seller can choose the shipping company of his preference. 

Shipment Protection: To protect their shipments, the buyer must pay a fixed commission of 0,70 euros plus 5% of the item's price. The buyer's money is blocked in Vinted, until the latter confirms receipt and good condition of the item.

Registration in application: It is much easier to register on Vinted since its interface is very intuitive. 


If you have things at home that you no longer use and that you would like to sell, you no longer have to go to second-hand stores and deliver them at the price they say. Today you can register on the Wallapop trading app and offer your used items to millions of potential buyers.

From video games, movies, televisions, mobile phones to cars and books can be offered for sale through Wallapop. This mobile application came to simplify the process of buying and selling second-hand objects among individuals registered on said platform. 

Advantages of selling and buying through Wallapop 

Some of the features that make any purchase-sale operation advantageous through this application are:

Variety of products: Through Wallapop you can market everything.

Commissions: Wallapop applies a 10% commission on the sale price, which is often referred to as management fee.

Premium Service: Wallapop offers the opportunity to sell new products to stores and other types of commercial establishments.  

Geolocation: A buyer can identify the sales offers closest to his location, so that he could make the purchase in person, thus saving shipping costs.

Payment Methods: It is possible to pay in cash in face-to-face purchases. You can pay with PayPal or bank transfer by mutual agreement between the parties. Items shipped through Wallapop Protect can be paid for using the credit or debit card the buyer has registered in the app.

Shipping costs: They are estimated according to the weight of the article and range from 2,95 to 13,95 euros.

Messenger Service: It does not allow you to choose the preferred shipping company. 

Shipment Protection: Both buyer and seller are required to contract the Wallapop Protect service. Payment is blocked in Wallapop until the item is received and its status must be confirmed within a maximum period of 48 hours.

Registration in application: The process of registering in Wallapop is much longer and much more complex. 

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