Virus: Your iPhone has suffered severe damage

if you read this message Your iPhone has suffered severe damage (Virus) The first thing you should do is close it and for no reason click if it invites you to do so, whatever they say there. In the case of the iPhone, this is a bit more complicated than Android, and the difference between the two is that the iPhone's iOS system is more closed than the other type of system.

This makes the iPhone more delicate at all times and for that reason, we have prepared this article whose purpose is teach you about the subject so that you know how to act if you have this problem.

Notification your iPhone has suffered severe damage

This message means that there is no possibility to install third-party applications and a virus can sneak in without you noticing, damaging the iPhone. This message is displayed through two different alternatives:

  • If you visit a web page.
  • Through your calendar.

Remember that an iPhone is something very different, the operating system is very restricted and only allows you to install things directly from the app store. In that case, if this message appears, it means that you tried something not validated by said store.

Receive the message from the calendar

If you receive this message through the calendar of your iPhone it is because, these viruses camouflage themselves among all the events that are sent by email and which accept either by mistake because it was confused with an email you trust.

For this reason it is very important that you avoid accepting invitations in your email without making sure that the sender is someone you trust. As soon as you accept the subscription you will receive push notifications from the server, in the same way it is important that you do not accept or reject the invitation since the server will detect that you are in an active iCloud account and you will receive invasive advertising.

Solution when receiving the message from the calendar

The way this is solved is as follows:

  • Enter the option Settings of your iPhone.
  • Then you must scroll to the Calendar section in your iPhone settings.
  • Then you have to press the option Accounts and as soon as you are inside, the Subscribed Calendars option will appear.
  • Go into this option and then delete everything by pressing the option Delete account.

Receive the message visiting a website

It could be the case that you come across some pop-ups which are in the form of offers and notices or some advertisements. Most of these pop-ups are ads that can impersonate Apple through warning messages to trick the user into sharing their financial or personal information.

You can also find yourself with messages that will invite you to download free apps or some plug-ins for you to install. Fortunately this is not possible on iOS unless you are redirected to the app store.

How to act when receiving the message browsing the internet

The first thing to do in these cases is forget to press any of the links that appear, which can lead you to supposedly repair this problem that your device has. If Apple finds that the operating system has been compromised, it will not inform you through the browser, it will only patch the problem by sending you an operating system update.

In the same way it happens with the updates that are pending to be installed, all these messages are sent through the system and not the browser.

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