There are some features that consume more battery in your phone, and therefore you should know the way to disable them. We begin by explaining the option for disable VoLTE on your mobile calls.

What does it mean to disable VoLTE on your mobile calls?

The first thing you should know is that VoLTE refers to Voice over LTE, or what Voice over LTE means, this is a function that provides users with some technical improvements, and also influences the quality of calls in the GSM or UMTS networks. For this reason, it is also one of the current favorites.

The purpose of creating VoLTE was to improve the functions of networks known as 3G. And therefore, when you receive calls you can tell the difference with LTE connections, or even 4G networks, which have more than 75 Mbps.

However, despite the fact that it is an excellent function and that it has many positive aspects, there is also a problem, and that is that users have realized that the battery of their mobile no longer has the same duration. Also, when there is not a good 4G/LTE connection, calls are interrupted.

But, keeping this new function active or deactivated is your decision, for some users it can have many advantages, while for others it may not. For this reason, before leaving you all the data on how disable VoLTE on your mobile calls? We mention its positive and negative aspects.

Advantages of VoLTE calls

Using this new function in your calls has more advantages than you can imagine, and they are mentioned below:

  • Sound: The sound quality improves without a doubt, the other person's voice can be heard much clearer and sharper, even when you are in a place where it is difficult to speak with a phone call.
  • Technical options: It offers users a wide variety of technical options, such as: send your location, exchange information, among others. This is made possible by the use of Rich Communications Services (RCS).
  • You make video calls: The best thing is that, you can do them without using any other application like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, etc.

Disadvantages of VoLTE calls

The VoLTE function, like others, has many advantages, but it also includes some disadvantages, and this is what may make users want to disable it.

  • Frequent failures: This is one of the main complaints that users have, and it is that since its creation until today, there are many reports that exist about VoLTE call failures. For example, if you are in a place where there is not a good 4G network connection, the call is interrupted without warning.
  • Consumes more battery: If compared to 2G and 3G connection networks, VoLTLE consumption in calls is higher.
  • Only activated with compatible devices: If you have a mobile of an old version, you will not be able to use this new function. However, this is the case with few computers, since most of them support the function.

Now, once you know both the advantages and disadvantages, it is time for you to think and analyze whether you want to activate the function or simply deactivate it. For this reason, we leave you in the next section the instructions to follow according to the operating system of your mobile.

How to deactivate VoLTE on your mobile?

VoLTE is a new technology that has incredible options for you, however, it also has some disadvantages, in case you want to disable it, we will leave you the steps below. Keep in mind that, depending on your device, these may vary a bit.

With Android

  • Enter the option »Settings» on your mobile.
  • Then, you must select the option »Connections», and later that of "Mobile networks".
  • In the options menu, you must select »LTE/4G», and deactivate the switch that appears in »VoLTE calls».

Now, if the case is that you want to activate the VoLTE calling function on your mobile again, you must carry out the same steps mentioned above. Keep in mind that these may change depending on the type of Android and the version you have installed.

Another important aspect is that, in the event that the VoLTE calling option does not appear on your mobile, you must install it, but in many cases this is impossible because your device is an old model, and therefore has a previous version.

On iOS

The technical options of VoLTE calls are found in iOS devices from the iPhone 6. And, users who do not want to use this function can disable it in a very simple way, with the steps mentioned below:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the »Settings» of your mobile.
  • Now, select the option »Mobile».
  • A new menu appears where you must choose »Mobile data options».
  • Then look for the option »Enable LTE».
  • Finally, select the option »Only Data», and that's it, the VoLTE calling function will be deactivated.

There is an aspect that differentiates this function from Android when you deactivate it, and that is that people who use iOS have the option of doing it "To the letter". Which means that the user has three important options that he must select, and in this way, the function will not be disabled completely.

  • The first option is "Off", and with this you completely disable VoLTE calls.
  • Another option is to "Voice and data", this is the one indicated if you want it to be used only in voice calls and while you are using mobile data.
  • And, the last one is the option of »Only data», in this way, the function will be active when you use mobile data only, and not with voice calls.

Despite the fact that new technology strategies are known every day, calls with VoLTE continue to be one of the favorites for users. Some of the latest innovations use »Wi-Fi Calling», which means that, to work, they strictly require Wi-Fi, and not mobile data.