iOS devices are characterized by their well-known virtual assistant, however, its tone can be a bit uncomfortable, but How to change the voice of Siri on your iPhone and iPad?

Siri on iOS devices

Siri is a virtual assistant, these terms refer to an artificial intelligence that has its own voice. It appeared in 2011 with the first version of iOS, but over the years and thanks to updates it was able to be incorporated into other Apple operating systems, such as tvOS, watchOS, macOS and even iPadOS.

Siri is also characterized because it uses a natural language that allows maintain an interaction with all users who speak to you, either to ask, give orders or simply looking for a moment of fun.

The actions that are carried out with Siri, also go through external consultations to Apple's Web services, but every day the experts work to include more intelligence and power to Siri.

Although this virtual assistant has improved a lot so far, it also has some competitors in the market, such as Amazon Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, and Goole's assistant. This is why updates and improvements in this system are very important.

Steps to change Siri's voice on my iPhone or iPad

Once you know the basic information about Siri, you should know that there is an option for you to change the tone of the virtual assistant's voice. This way, you can modify it and feel more comfortable when you listen to it.

  • Open the settings, select the option "Siri".
  • Then you must choose the language. This is the first adjustment you should make, otherwise you won't understand what she's saying, or Siri won't understand what you're saying.
  • The next step is to look for the option »Voice of Siri», and a new menu opens where the different types of voices that you can use will appear.
  • Listen to the different types of voices that are available, just by pressing them, until you select the one you like best.
  • When you are totally sure of the voice you want, what you should do is download it.
  • The download can cover between 50 to 60 MB, it is an important data for storage on your phone.
  • Make sure that the download takes place when you have a Wi-Fi connection to make it faster. On the other hand, if you prefer to use mobile data, just deactivate the Wi-Fi option and that's it.
  • Finally, you must verify that after carrying out all the steps, Siri's voice has been changed. You can do this by saying “Hey Siri”, or by pressing the side button of your device.

What are the basic Siri settings in iOS and iPadOS?

The first thing you should know is to activate Siri, this is very simple, you just have to press the button set as HOME for a few seconds, which is generally the one in the center of the screen, until the button appears. virtual assistant icon, and thus start the conversation with Siri.

Keep in mind that depending on the device model you have the option to enable Siri may vary. For iPhone X or earlier models, you must press the lock button.

Now, the basic settings of Siri are found directly in the Settings of the device. When you get them, you will be able to modify the following:

Activate when you hear "Hey Siri"

One of the best options that this virtual assistant has is that you do not need to press any button for it to pay attention to you, just by saying "Hey Siri" He will be alert to what you are going to tell him.

Disable the side button to open Siri

Many times when you put your device in your pockets or bags, Siri is activated by mistake. For this reason, many users prefer to disable the side button to open the virtual assistant, and that this action is only carried out by voice.

The way to verify that the button is disabled is because it will not appear in green, or it is shown on the screen as "disabled".


Activate the Siri function with the locked screen

If you want Siri to be available even when you have the screen locked, feel free to activate this option. Thus, you can enjoy the virtual assistant at any time of the day, just by mentioning the phrase "Hey Siri", or through the side button of your device.

Select language

Choose the correct language so that Siri can understand you. In the settings there is a large list where you must select the one of your preference.

Siri responses

They are interesting options for users, because you have the opportunity to decide when Siri will detect when you speak in order to respond to you.

You have the option to let the answer be automatic, as soon as it detects that you spoke, or not to. In addition, you can also have Siri show you on the screen what you said and the answer it gives you. These functions can be modified in the options "Accessibility".

Announce calls

One of the options that the virtual assistant has is to announce the name of the person who is calling you. However, you can change it and select some other option, such as always, with headphones, never, or in the car and with headphones.

In this way you can know the name of the person who is calling you even when you are busy, or cannot answer immediately.

My information

Siri also has the ability to customize responses taking into account your information, for example, your name, the relationships you have with the contacts in your calendar, your address, among other things.

However, for this function to be carried out by Siri correctly, you must put all your personal information in the profile of the Contacts application, and then enter the »settings», select your contact to have all the information sent to Siri.

Siri and Dictation History

As you know, many Apple devices do not have enough memory for all the applications you want to install. For this reason, it is recommended to frequently delete the history. To delete the history, you must enter the options of »Siri and Dictation History» and ready.

Send messages automatically

If you want Siri to send messages from some of the supported apps, like iMessages or WhatsApp, you need to make sure the option to »send automated messages» be active. In this way, a confirmation is not required before sending the message.

Secondary function settings

The other options that are included in these settings are used to improve the user experience. »general search engine», and also on some internal features of the system.

Find Apple content

In case you use the general search engine, also known as Spotlight, you have the possibility to allow Siri to show you all the suggestions and recent information.

Apple Suggestions

Siri is such a good virtual assistant that it is in charge of analyzing all your tastes and preferences, so all the information displayed on the device screen is related to the topics of interest to you.