Download WhatsApp for free Currently it is not a problem, you can even get it on any operating system you want, and today you are going to know all the related information.

How to download WhatsApp for free on different devices?

Download WhatsApp for free It is one of the simplest processes you can carry out, and in this way, you can use it on any device of your choice. But before mentioning all the steps to download it, it is important that you know a little bit about this application.

WhatsApp originally became known in 2010 through the Apple platform, at that time the application was paid. For this reason, if you wanted to use it you had to pay 0,99 euros, but you used it for an unlimited time.

In 2013, the WhatsApp application was already free, however, an annual subscription of 0,99 euros was required. After Facebook takes over the app completely, now you can find it in any app store without paying a single penny.

It is even considered the first application that the Android operating system could download for free, and is available on mobile phones and tablets. Besides, the installation process is very simple, you must only have one SIM card available for the device.

The only device where the process to download WhatsApp becomes a bit complicated is the iPad, however, you can access WhatsApp Web very easily and use it perfectly to chat with your friends or share different information.

How to download WhatsApp on PC?

In 2016, a version of WhatsApp was developed that would be available for computers, including Apple Macs. In this way, you can download the application without any problem, and chat with your contacts, share photos, documents, or any file on your computer.

Also, any computer running Windows 8 or higher as the operating system you can also download whatsapp for pc, and run the app like any other.

However, it is an application like WhatsApp Web but downloaded directly to your computer to interact with all your contacts.


Download WhatsApp for free on your mobile

Downloading WhatsApp on a mobile is one of the simplest procedures, and it is that, depending on the operating system that your device uses, you must enter the application store, search for "WhatsApp" and ready.

For example, in the case of iOS you must search in the App Store, while when it comes to Android's, the download is done from the Play Store, and once you find the application, you select the option "Install". Wait a few seconds while it downloads and installs and that's it, you can start configuring your account, and thus, use it without problems.

What is Whatsapp?

In case you don't know what WhatsApp is and what it is for? In this section we explain everything about the application.

WhatsApp is an application that is mainly characterized by its instant messaging, that allows you to maintain excellent communication with all your loved ones, or even for work issues.

In addition, it is considered the most used application in the world, since, since its development, it was in charge of facilitating communication between the users who use it, even allowing them to make video calls and thus feel that you are with him in the place. where is it located.

But, not only that is its characteristic, but it also allows you to save your bills, and it uses 3G technology, which is very fast and easy.

It is an application, which is available for any device, and its name is due to the expression known in English as »What's up'', which is generally used by teenagers.

Although it is an application that constantly receives updates and improvements, it still has its first green logo that is easy to identify, because it has a phone inside the green circle.

When can WhatsApp be updated?

It can always be updated, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that the update is available directly in the application store of your device, that is, if you have an Android, you must enter the Play Store and check if there is an update pending. .


One of the favorite updates of Apple users is the one known as »bug fixes» and it is that this allows them to improve the performance of the application, also reducing the failures that it may have.

How is the WhatsApp encryption system?

The application's encryption system was developed at the beginning of 2016, this due to all the security requirements that were being presented.

For this reason, calls and messages have end-to-end encryption, to ensure that the information shared will not be at risk, nor in the hands of third parties.

To notify you of this new function, in each chat you start a message appears indicating that all your communications are encrypted or are being encrypted for greater security and privacy.

What is the importance of WhatsApp?

Although for many it may not be such an important application, this is not the case. According to some studies, 53% of Spaniards can maintain between 5 and 50 chats in a day.

WhatsApp is an application that is constantly in use, and it is that for many it is the main means of communication. Its percentage of use is even higher than the other applications considered as competition.

Even in 2016, the application broke the barrier of more than a billion users using its services. And, according to the latest statistics, these servers are capable of handling up to 42.000 billion messages and 250 million videos in one day.

Get to know WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is not available for iOS, unless you have a jailbreak installed. Also, there are many variations of this version of Whatsapp Plus.

E.g., one of them is WhatsApp Plus Holo, this app is responsible for using the Holo interface on Android devices that did not yet have the new update. However, a short time ago it was a discontinued version, because many of the devices already had their update available.

There is also WhatsApp Plus Jimods, which is another variant of the application that has the latest builds of the moment.

What to do with WhatsApp in other countries?

In case you have doubts about the places where you can use the application, today we clarify that, WhatsApp is available worldwideIn other words, you can use it anywhere you travel, if you have a good Internet connection, or you have a SIM that works in the country.

The best thing is that, even when you install another SIM, you will be using your original account, without modifying data, only the phone number, and only if you want.

curious facts about WhatsApp

In 2014 the application was bought by Facebook, and had a cost of 19 million dollars, its creators are Jan Koum and Brian Acton, who made the decision to leave Yahoo in 2009.

WhatsApp is one of the few applications that does not have advertising, therefore, it has not used a single penny within its app, or in any other, because its popularity means that it is not necessary to mention it anywhere else.