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The advancement of technology and the efforts of developers have allowed us to be able to use applications and games until now reserved for Android in other environments such as Mac Os X, Linux and Windows (even in their most limited versions).

These types of environments were made known mainly by streamers, with the popular Among Us, but these environments allow us to use any application from the Android repository (Google Play).

An application that catches our attention is youcut, a professional video editor. This free, easy to use and intuitive application that accumulates 50 million downloads worldwide.

It is a very light APK (46,4 MB), it stands out because does not incorporate watermarks, something fundamental, since the new Instagram algorithm will prioritize unique content, like TikTok already does. 

To be able to use it in other environments, we need to install a virtual machine, we are going to use the best known BlueStacks 

Editing video clips was a privilege reserved for people who had editing skills. Nevertheless, youcut, allows you to edit your own videos without the need for prior training.

youcut, it is not only for you who already have experience in video editing, but It is also dedicated to people who are just starting out.

How to install YouCut on PC

First, we have to download the virtual machine BlueStacks compatible with the operating system that we have on our Windows, Linux or Ma OS X computer. BlueStacks requires 4GB of RAM, to be able to work well, That is why we recommend that you look at the characteristics of your computer, if it is more limited, look for another lighter virtual machine.

Here or we leave the link to download BlueStacks, whatever your Operating System is, since it will be detected by the page itself. Select the option 'BlueStacks works better if you enable access to the app store and Communications App',

Once downloaded, run the .exe file, this process may take a few minutes and it is advisable that the computer is only executing this task.

Finally, search YouCut in the Play Store and download the APK, this file can only be used within the simulator.

How to configure BlueStacks for YouCut

To make good use of BlueStacks it is best to start configuring the application as long as it offers a good and remarkable experience. It will show different windows once you open the app for the first time, but you only have to look at the icon that shows an Android doll.

The application will ask you for permission to share your location, we recommend that you check "no", despite being a piece of information that does not greatly influence your experience, since this data is not shared with third parties.

The reason why they ask you sync with your Google account, it is to have access to the app store and its synchronization.

Once this process is finished, you will be able to install YouCut on your computer.

Bluestacks to emulate your Android phone on PC

There are three ways to install and run YouCut on your PC:

First option:

  • Run the virtual machine you have chosen.
  • Drag the APK file to the simulator
  • Follow all the steps until its execution and you will be able to use it as you would normally launch any other application.

Second option:

  • Install the APK by clicking on the 3 vertical dots that appear in the installed applications and open the application by selecting the APK file.
  • To use the application, you can choose videos that you have on your computer or hosted in the cloud.

Third option:

This way is the most similar to what we would do from our smartphone or tablet, since BlueStacks has the Play Store integrated, will use your Gmail account to access the applications and download them.

Once you have downloaded YouCut, you can launch the application and start working on your projects.

How to use YouCut

Android YouCut app

When you open the app it will show you all the tools you have at your fingertips, but the first thing you have to do is choose the video file you want to modify before sharing it.

Your first steps using YouCut on your PC

  • Open a file you were working on or if you want to start a new project select “New”
  • Select the file you want to work on.
  • Now, the application will show you everything you can add: filters, transitions, delete a clip, add text or music...

At first glance, it is an intuitive application with a design that is easy to work with and understand, even if you have no knowledge in audiovisual design. 

Most recurring doubts

What can I do with YouCut on my computer?

YouCut is a very complete application that allows you trim your videos, add filters and transitions and, you can also include your own songs in your montages. Allows you to add texts, change the speed of the video and make montages with your photos.

What do I have to do to download YouCut for free on my computer?

Being an application developed for Android you need an android scenario emulator (virtual machine) We recommend BlueStacks although there are others like VirtualBox o NoxPlayer among others. They are usually light programs, but we recommend that you look at the requirements before installing it, Especially if it's a low-end PC.

Once inside the simulator, you just have to download and run the application as if you were working from your smartphone with all the versatility that comes from being able to use the mouse, the keyboard and a larger screen.

Is it easy to use YouCut on PC?

Yes, it is very simple and intuitive. Whether you are a video editing professional or a person who wants to make a montage with the photos of your last vacations, YouCut puts at your disposal tools to create your own video montages for free and without watermarks.

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